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Organic Cotton Underwear
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There are a few things that consistently stay at the top of our list of daily essentials, but having super soft, comfortable underwear is right up there week on week. Our go-to organic cotton underwear has not only the benefits of comfort, but also benefits for the planet over conventionally grown cotton.

According to the Soil Association, there are many reasons organic cotton underwear can be a more sustainable choice. Firstly, it helps combat climate change as organic farmers use natural methods to grow their cotton, as opposed to the standard fossil-fuel-based fertilisers – as a result, organic cotton emits 46% less greenhouse gas than non-organic*. Organic farming also uses less water than conventionally produced cotton, and it is grown without hazardous pesticides and fertilisers, therefore no risk for any run-off of these chemicals into rivers, lakes and drinking water.

As for comfort, organic cotton underwear is seen as a great choice for people who suffer from allergies and sensitive skin, largely due to the brands using it employing low-impact dyes and avoiding finishing chemicals. 

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Organic Basics

This Copenhagen-based sustainable underwear brand was born from a frustration with the fashion industry’s lack of lingerie that was environmentally friendly, affordable and built to last. All Organic Basic‘s garments are made in local, ethical factories based in Turkey and Portugal, crafted from GOTS certified organic cotton, tencel and recycled materials. Their organic cotton underwear range carries timeless, comfortable styles in classic colours that are intended to be worn season after season, year after year – this is underwear that’s built to last. Read the Meet The Makers blog to learn more about their materials and practices.


This female-owned ethical underwear brand from Denmark carries a range of lingerie & essentials, made from plant-based materials and GOTS certified organic cotton. Each piece from Woron is carefully sewn in a small female-led factory in Hungary, which also provides benefits for working mothers. Their selection has been designed for comfort, coming in a range of styles and sizes. Read the Meet The Makers blog for more insight behind Woron, including tips & tricks for creating a more sustainable wardrobe.

*Soil Association, Organic Cotton – The Sustainable Choice.

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