The 5 Products With Permanent Residence in My Regime – Vanessa Gruninger

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As the newest member of the Content team, Vanessa Gruninger, brings a wealth of skin, holistic therapy and nutrition knowledge to the team. With many years experience as a facialist, Vanessa knows her way around products. We asked her to share her current five must- haves….

Skin Reviver Amala Collagen Mask. The main ingredient in this mask is the Cocoa Bean. This plant helps to stimulate microcirculation while restoring elasticity. It also provides antioxidant protection from free radical age damage. Amala Collagen Mask also contains Green Algae, which promotes collagen production and deeply moisturizes the skin. This synergy revives and restores the skin’s natural smoothness for a radiantly healthy, refreshed glow.

Body BufferREN Moroccan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish. The cane sugar gently exfoliates the skin to eliminate dead cells and encourage cell renewal for smoother and firmer looking skin. The caffeine and theophylline from Paraguay Tea and Kola Nut improves oxygenation and encourages the exchange of nutrients leaving the skin with a natural glow. Olive and Almond oils condition the skin’s surface and the Moroccan Rose Otto Oil leaves the skin delicately scented.

Floral InfusionThe Herball “Of Flowers”. The Of Flowers Herball infusion is a floral and elegant collection of hand picked herbs and flowers, created to reflect natures more fragrant and aromatic side. The base of the blend are following herbs: Roman chamomile, English roses, lavender, calendula and oat straw. Whenever I drink them, I feel calm and more in touch with the elements in and around me. The Herball infusions are nature in a cup.

Green GoodnessPure Synergy. This super food consists of a blend of 60 organic whole foods and botanical concentrates in powder form. It is the most comprehensive and trusted super food in the world, the standard by which all others are measured. Their main ingredients are aquatic greens, grass juices, vegetable powders, medicinal mushrooms and freeze dried sprouts all from organic origin. I love taking it daily to rebuild vitality, mental clarity and to optimize my wellbeing!

Flower PowerLotus Wei Quiet Mind Mist. This organic regenerative mist has the ‘flower power’ to transform mental chatter into a Quiet Mind with  a mixture of flower essences such as passionflower and the essence of a gemstone called Kyanite to induce inner balance. Simply spritz around your head and breath deeply to feel the wonderful calming effect.