Sustainable Gift Ideas: Content Christmas Guide

Sustainable Gift Ideas
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Christmas can be a wasteful season but using our sustainable gift ideas means that Christmas does not have to be cancelled. Gift giving can be eco-friendly, and most importantly this close to Christmas, easy! Use our sustainable gift guide to discover planet-friendly, sustainable gift ideas that keep on giving – once given to the receiver, then ongoing to the planet. Adopting a more conscious attitude to Christmas shopping will help reduce the pull on Mother Nature’s resources and minimise your personal imprint on the planet.

Sustainable Gift Ideas for Foodies

So much waste goes into preparing and storing lunch each day, so help your friends and family reduce their daily waste with one or more sustainable gifts for everyday use. These products may also support New Year’s Resolutions associated with getting healthy and saving money. The Abeego Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps are a great alternative to cling wrap so you can say no to single-use plastic when storing food. The Bambu Utensil Travel Set is a simple stocking filler for your giftee to keep on hand at all times so plastic cutlery is never an option. For the organised giftee who loves a packed lunch, the Stasher Reuseable Stand-Up Bag is made from silicone (plastic free) and is designed for safe food storage, heating and cooking. You can’t go past our Turtle Bags collection – in their many colours, ideal to tuck away in your handbag to grab at whenever you might need.

Sustainable Gift Ideas for Staying Hydrated

Everyone could do with drinking more water each day, but not by increasing consumption of single-use plastic bottles. Swell offers a selection of contemporary, reusable drink bottles that will suit any style preference. As generous as they are stylish, Swell donate to UNICEF, helping to provide clean water to vulnerable children worldwide. Available in 260ml, 500ml and traveller size, there’s a Swell size and design to suit everyone. If Scandi design is more the aesthetic you’re after for your giftee, Stelton Reusable Cups will be a surefire hit. They come in two handy sizes – the small fits your morning flat white or herbal tea (use the line on the inside as the fill guide), while the large is great for all liquids including juices, smoothies and soups. These are suitable sustainable gift ideas for the pickiest of family members.

Sustainable Gift Ideas for Grooming

No CONTENT sustainable gift guide would be complete without natural beauty ideas. How would you like to never throw away another empty makeup container again? Kjaer Weis ensure their packaging reduces waste with a clever refillable system. Kjaer Weis makeup comes in beautiful, quality metal containers that can be refilled over and over again. Muhle lifetime razors are suitable for both the men and women in your life, providing a great looking and effective alternative to pesky plastic razors. They are corrosion-resistant and the blades are effective and easily replaceable by simply unscrewing the cap. The range of Muhle razors will also help your loved ones achieve a chic, minimalist look in their bathroom this Christmas.

Sharing Experiences

Not all presents in our Sustainable Gift Guide need wrapping and storing under the tree. Treat your favourite person to a visit to our store and surprise them with a facial, body treatment or nutrition consultation. Grow wellness, not landfill.

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