Summer Wellbeing Festival: The Pressery Pop-Up Almond Milk Bar

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A concept born from the love and appreciation of the health promoting benefits of wholefoods, The Pressery is a London based wellbeing company providing fresh, cold-pressed, raw and organic almond milk free of preservatives, additives or artificial sweeteners to local deli’s and coffee shops throughout the city. In the countdown to this year’s Pop-Up Almond Milk Bar taking place at Content on July 5th – we spoke to co-founder Natali Stajcic to find out what makes The Pressery Almond Milk stand out from the sea of non-dairy alternatives.

What inspired you to sThe-pressery-Milktart The Pressery?

With the increase in people relying on dairy alternatives, we noticed that when examined closely, most of these alternatives are highly processed and not actually healthy at all – they are just another money making product. The Pressery aims to deliver products that respect nourishing traditions.

Why raw? What are the health benefits that The Pressery almond milk provides?

We cold-press our almond milk and use unpasteurized organic almonds. By keeping it raw we are making sure that the ‘milk’ is packed full of all the heat sensitive nutrients. It is such a hard product to manage and sell, but our customers are worth the effort!

We hear you soak your raw almonds before use, how exactly does this increase their nutritional value?

It starts the sprouting process which breaks down enzyme inhibitors thus increasing the nutritional values. It also makes it more easily digestible.

How does your almond milk differ from shop-bought alternatives?

Most shop bought almond milk has 1-3% almond content. The rest is made up with other less expensive gunk and unpronounceable words. A 1% almond content would pretty much mean each carton contains only 2 almonds each! Their can’t be much nutritional value when this is the case.

What are some of your favourite ways or recipes that incorporate The Pressery almond milk?

The best and easiest recipe for our ORIGINAL Almond Milk would be our ‘Breakfast-On-The-Go’. Soak organic oats in The Pressery almond milk with frozen berries on-top in the fridge overnight. In the morning throw into a blender, add a frozen banana and any of your favourite superfood powders, whizz it up and you have the most refreshing start to the day!

On July 5th from 10.30am-2pm visit us in store to purchase the original and cacao almond milk and meet the founders. We will also have an exclusive launch of a new flavour for Summer – don’t miss trying it!

Images: Photographer: Tomas Jivanda from Courier & Photographer: Marte Marie Forsberg