PREPARE FOR SUMMER PART 1: Natural Skincare Tips For Getting Beach-Body Ready

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SUMMER-PREP-1With Summer just around the corner (hopefully!) we’ve put together a selection of our favourite tips and tricks to get your body, beach ready. From our favoutite body oils to cellulite busting treatments, we’ve made sure we have all your bases covered.

BRUSH UP – To ensure the skin is detoxifying efficiently dry skin body brushing is key. Encouraging a gentle stimulation of the lymphatic system that draws out waste from the skin and increases blood circulation, incorporating dry body brushing into your skincare routine is ideal for maintaining results after a Content Cellulite treatment or used as a preventative measure to discourage cellulite formation. After all, the skin is the body’s largest organ so a little body brushing may just help revive your body from top to toe! For a comprehensive ‘how to’ refer to our blog post on the dry skin body brushing technique here.

SOAK & DETOX Amala’s detoxifying bath salts are full of plant powered ingredients to cleanse, and tone the skin. Comprised of three of the most skin supporting natural ingredients Myrtle, Witch Hazel and Sea Algae, this detoxifying blend is  great for soothing sore muscles too.

Whilst also providing an uplifting and aromatherapeutic bathing experience, Therapie’s Himalayan Detox Salts have been formulated to also assist in the breakdown of physical and emotional toxins to combat the stresses of busy urban life just in time for your Summer vacation.

NOURISH & TONE– with the new Aurelia Probiotic Skincare’s Firm & Revitalise Dry Body Oil. A firming and deeply hydrating dry body oil enriched with an abundance of precious oils including Neroli, Lavender, Rose and Mandarin combined with antioxidant-rich botanicals, this nourishing oil works on all fronts to firm and repair a parched complexion that may be lingering after the long Winter months.

For supercharged hydration apply to damp skin after bathing to help lock in moisture and intensify the effects of the oil blend, or alternatively apply before a warm bath to allow the relaxing essential oils to permeate in the heat. The oil can also be used after hair removal to soften and smooth the skin before heading poolside.

As we love  to mix our skincare products up, try alternate days with with one of our all time favourites the re-launch we’ve all been waiting for – Tata Harper’s Fortifying Body Lotion.  Stay tuned for its re-release in the coming days.

BLEMISH-FREE BACK –  try out our Content Back Cleansing Treatment to help alleviate and soothe irritated spot prone skin. Back acne occurs as the result of the overproduction of sebum in the skin follicles which can become overactive due to fluctuating hormones, certain medications and excessive Summer heat. The exfoliating process included in the treatment will also lift dead skin cells and buff dry skin smooth. If you find this is a persistent problem it may be worth booking in to see our Naturopath too.

LOVELY LEGS – Exercise not shifting stubborn cellulite? To assist in improving the appearance of cellulite try out a Content Cellulite TreatmentThis unique treatment uses a combination of different holistic techniques to give your body a helping hand. Combining the benefits of massage with organic detoxifying oils, acupuncture and cupping, this exclusive treatment works to stimulate detoxification, shifting accumulated fluid to improve the appearance of cellulite and tone the skin from the inside out.