SUMMER FESTIVAL FOCUS: We Are Reading This Month…..

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Summer reads have to be entertaining to keep us a) awake in the sun and b) page-turning. The Elegant Art Of Falling Apart does both and adds a few life lessons to take home from the beach.  Best-selling author, style writer and blogger, Jessica Jones, had a complicated life in London. Booze, cocaine, bad boyfriends – a rollercoaster ride of what self-help writers call ‘opportunities for growth’……

But she got away from all that, and rebuilt her life. Just when things were almost perfect… she learned that she had breast cancer. After seven months of grueling treatments, she travelled from London to Sydney to begin a three-month holiday of a lifetime with her wonderful boyfriend who had supported her through all of the treatment – only to find herself dumped on arrival!

There are two major themes in this book. The first is breast cancer: living with it, surviving it and facing the fear of death head on. The second is the devastating impact that love addiction can have on people’s lives. The reality of this is shocking, and Jessica talks about it with searing honesty. Jessica’s story of courage gives us all hope that, no matter what, we can always start again and when we have the support of amazing friends and family, anything is possible. And never under estimate the power of a damn good lipstick!

Already a bestseller in Australia, The Elegant Art of Falling Apart has been crowd-funded for UK publication by readers at

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