Skin Health Workshop and Kombucha Tasting

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Our tipple of choice at the moment, GO! Kombucha, plays a starring role in our Summer Wellbeing Festival with a tasting event at the Skin Health Workshop, an event for those struggling with acne, hormonal spots, rosacea and general skin good health.

The UK’s only non-pasteurised, raw, not artificially carbonated – just 100 per cent live Kombucha, will be available to try at the event hosted by our Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist Jennifer Derham. This event focuses on the role of digestion in skin health and combating acne. We spoke to Gary, the founder of GO! Kombucha, and asked him to explain why this drink is so special…

THE EARLIEST RECORDED consumption of Kombucha dates as far back as the Ancient Chinese Tsin Dynsasty circa 221BC…but has in the past few years enjoyed a renaissance in the US as the preferred beverage of raw ‘foodies’ and the Hollywood jet set. Now, real kombucha tea is live & kicking here in the UK!

Referred to as the ‘elixir of long life’ by the Chinese emperors and warriors and mystical Zen masters of old, this unique fusion of organic tea and sugar fermented with the Kombucha culture – a symbiotic, self-reproducing colony of good bacteria and beneficial (spore-free) yeasts – packs many properties known to support the immune system and aid the functioning of the body, promoting balance leading to harmony,  radiance and sparkling vitality.

Kombucha contains billions of probiotic acids (good bacteria), digestive enzymes, antioxidants and polyphenols which unite to force out harmful micro-organisms that pollute the body due to the over-consumption of processed foods, environmental pollution and the multitude of pressures of living a 21st century western lifestyle, all of which weigh heavy on the body’s defences.

Kombucha isn’t a miracle cure for the many stresses of modern life, rather it works as an adaptogen to help realign the body’s processes and defences by de-toxifying and eliminating the causes and symptoms of disease, due to …..

  • Probiotic acids – rebalance the gut flora with optimum levels of good bacteria that attack and break down the accumulation of toxicity (bad bacteria) which cause problems like bloating and stomach cramps;
  • Digestive enzymes – aid the digestive process; and antioxidants
  • Polyphenols from the tea – mop up harmful free radicals in the blood.

The breaking down of these negative blockages helps energy flow more freely throughout the body, increasing one’s vitality and sense of well-being. The skin also starts radiating a vibrant glow from the inside out owing to Kombucha’s ability to aid cellular renewal. So much so that some of the large commercial skincare brands now use Kombucha as an active ingredient in their anti-ageing skin creams.

This event is a must for those wanting to find out more about how to respect their bodies and maintain healthy skin.  The organic GO! Komucha wlll be at the Summer Wellbeing Festival on July 2nd. The new “grab and go” 250ml flavours (White Tea and Golden Yunnan Tea) will be available to purchase on the night. Book now on 020 3075 1006.