Summer Attunement: Our Tips for Aligning Body & Mind with the Season

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Your summer attunement from CONTENT is a holistic guide to help you align body and mind with the season. While sunshine and longer days make us very ‘content’, they also make us full of energy. In fact, according to Chinese medicine, this is the most ‘yang’ time of the year meaning it has an outward expression of energy, movement and activity. So before you jet off for your summer holiday, get our tips to sustain these months of long nights and turned up temperatures.

Summer Beauty Attunement

Summer Natural Beauty

The turn of the season often calls for a skincare upgrade. For summer, we’re switching to season-specific skincare, meaning that we’re never without mineral-based sunscreens to prevent sun damage, we’re updating to lighter moisturisers, and adding some bright colours to our organic make-up kit, while also brushing up on body rituals and products. As a night treatment, we have incorporated the seasonal de Mamiel Summer Facial Oil, which is formulated to protect skin during the warmer months.

From sunless tanning to make-up colour updates, get our summer natural beauty guides:

Get A Tan: Tips to the Perfect Sunless Tan.

Get Sun-Smart: Our guide to Protecting Your Skin This Summer.

Get Bright: Our favourite Skin Brightening Exfoliators.

Get Moisturised: Matte Moisturisers for a lighter summer moisturiser.

Get a Colour Update: Find an orange lip colour to suit your skin tone.

Get The Guide: Our Body Scrub picks.

Get Your Topical Vitamins: Stock up on C.

Summer Wellbeing Attunement

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While a healthy wellbeing-focused holiday will help you find balance again if you’re staying in the city there are plenty of ‘mini-breaks’ you can give your body and mind by creating at home rituals.

Get Brushing: Our guide to Body Brushing.

Get Learning: Grab some books for beach or park.

Get Supplemented: Help your body adapt to stress.

Create a Spa: Recreate a Moroccan Hammam at Home.

Get Rested: Stock up on sleep.

Eat Seasonally: Yes that means cake too! Try this Strawberry (and cashew) Cream Cake.

Get Creative: Create a Sustainable Picnic.

Be Prepared: Stock up on holiday kits and essentials.

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