Sprout Market Share Their Healthy Food & Lifestyle Philosophy

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Grown from a mutual belief in the positive difference that healthy living can bring, Sprout Market is the brain-child of dynamic duo Sophie and Antonia who set out to bring together their naturopathic knowledge, cooking skills and love of healthy living to create a bespoke well-being service designed to suit individual needs and tastes. This week, we caught up with the faces behind Sprout Market to chat about their holistic take on healthy living.

With so much conflicting information concerning diet, what is your personal nutritional philosophy?

It can be very easy to get involved in faddy diets however, we have come to realise that they definitely don’t last! We promote ourselves as a lifestyle program and that’s what we truly believe in. Food nourishes the mind and body, that combined with movement and mindfulness is the perfect mixture! It’s all about having a balance.

What are some of your favourite seasonal Summer foods?

  • Sophie – strawberries. They are so quintessentially British. They remind me of picnics and sports day at prep school!
  • Antonia – The humble courgette has to be my favourite. I love its versatility and it’s beautifully delicate yellow flowers. It takes me back to the many hours I spent wandering Florence’s food markets.

Food is just one component of being well. Besides healthy eating, what other wellbeing practises do you try to practise daily?

  • SophieDry body brushing. I am hooked! Every morning I get my brush out before my shower and have a good scrub.
  • Antonia – Not a daily practice but one that I do regularly is having an Epsom salt bath. It’s an amazing way to relax my muscles after being on my feet all day in the kitchen.

What is your favourite piece of ‘good’ advice you have been given?

  • Sophie – A recent quote that I read by Brian Andreas has had quite an impact on me: “everything changed the day she figured out there was exactly enough time for the important things in her life”. I have a tendency to rush everywhere so after putting this in to practice I have noticed a huge difference.
  • Antonia – When I’m stressed, my mum always tells me to drop my shoulders and take a breath. Even a moment of pausing helps put things into perspective.

Skin health is affected by what we eat. What are some of your favourite skin-nourishing foods?

We love salmon, avocado and nuts. Jam-packed with essential fats, they help promote glossy skin, strong nails and thick hair.

What must-have natural beauty products have you discovered recently?

  • Sophie – a natural beauty obsession of mine is my RMS ‘Un’ Cover-Up – it literally works wonders! I also use Tata Harper’s Refreshing Cleanser. I love it because it’s gentle but very effective.
  • Antonia – I recently purchased a sea salt body exfoliator that is made of minerals from the Dead Sea. My skin has never felt so soft! I am also a huge fan of Pai Skincare’s products. Their Rosehip Oil is the best and smells divine.