Spring Clean this year without the Chemicals

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Home cleaning products include several dangerous weapons, loaded with strong, artificial colours and fragrances, harsh cleansing agents like bleach, ammonia and acids. These chemicals can produce indoor air pollution by off-gassing toxic fumes that can irritate eyes and lungs. Many cleaners also contain unnecessary antibacterial agents (pesticides, herbicides etc) that can actually make bacteria stronger, and more resistant to antibacterial drugs.


Get cleaning with homemade cleaning recipes, they cost next to nothing to make, can be personally scented and are void of all the toxic chemicals found in so many domestic cleaning products.

2 cups water
4 tbls white vinegar
2 tsp of baking soda
1/4 cup dish soap
1 tsp tea tree oil (optional)

Add your own essential oil to the mix to give it a personalized aroma; bergamot for the bathroom and lavender for the bedroom, perfect!

It may surprise some but the almighty spirit Vodka has a wide range of potential uses beyond serving as a relaxer and social lubricant. It is effective and less toxic than many chemical alternatives, it kills odor-causing bacteria with spray application, it leaves chrome, glass and porcelain fixtures shining, can be used as a natural insect repellant, added to a bottle of shampoo it can leave hair feeling healthy, while eliminating mold and stains. Read more.

For the time deficient spring cleaner check out the beautiful cleaning sets from Roullier Whites. They’ve thought of everything you might need and included them in naturally made Bathroom, Kitchen and Laundry cleaning kits. We love this UK brand.