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Why do companies chose to get Soil Association certified? How does using organic ingredients affect a product and inform a brand’s ethos? These are the questions we posed to six CONTENT approved brands that champion certified organic beauty products. To mark Soil Association Organic Beauty Week, here’s what they had to say on why they choose organic.

The Gentle Label

Organic is fast becoming a trendy word that is used as a marketing tool. Companies label their products organic even if they contain minimal amounts of organic ingredients. We have chosen to be certified by Soil Association, the highest organic standard. This gives consumers the confidence that what they are buying is truly organic and free from harmful synthetic ingredients.’

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Nourish London

‘We choose to certify organic because it ensures that every aspect of our sourcing, development and manufacture is externally validated to an environmental and health ethos that reflects our values. It allows us to deliver exceptional products and support our core mission to make the skin healthier and therefore more beautiful.’

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‘We believe organic ingredients are the very best choice for sensitive skin. Synthetics, harsh preservatives, detergents, artificial fragrance and even contamination from pesticides and solvents are all big no-no’s for sensitive skin and the majority are not permitted under Soil Association certification.

The Soil Association have one of the most extensive lists of prohibited ingredients (including some ingredients accepted by COSMOS). They also have one of the highest requirements for proportion of organic content, so you can be confident that every ingredient in your products are as natural and high quality as they claim to be. We think they’re the gold standard!’

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Skin & Tonic

‘I know I can trust beauty products with the Soil Association logo. That’s why I felt it was so important for Skin & Tonic to become a certified organic skincare brand. The Soil Association’s standards are rigorous. Their organic beauty products don’t contain any nasties, and they are cruelty free. Ingredients have all been grown to organic standards without the use of harsh pesticides. To me, organic beauty with Soil Association certification means absolute purity, honesty and efficacy. All of which are important to maintain healthy, happy skin.’
— Sarah Hancock, founder

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Therapi Honey Skincare

‘Organic is central to our philosophy of beauty as wellness. It is the link between our two passions: uncompromisingly pure skincare and a love of nature.

With organic, you are getting the very best ingredients that are as close to nature as possible. Using organic materials means promoting a sustainable system that makes the world more beautiful in the process. As beekeepers, we love the fact that organic farms don’t allow toxic pesticides. Organic farming supports 50% more wildlife too!

We work with the Soil Association for our organic certification. Their logo is a guarantee that our certified organic beauty products meet the highest standards of quality, purity and transparency throughout the entire soil-to-skin chain.’

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‘When Sarah and I created our first intimate care formulations, proven purity was key. Given the high sensitivity of the intimate area, our lubricants and moisturisers had to be made from nourishing, benign and non-irritating ingredients. We chose to go down the Soil Association route in proof of this purity. Their rigorous organic standards relating to ingredients and manufacturing provided the robust validation we needed. YES products were the first in the intimacy category to be awarded organic certification.

The terms ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ are widely applied, but not always justified. We are increasingly proud of the distinction the YES range has enjoyed through its Soil Association certification for fourteen years now, knowing it gives a recognised proof of purity. Certification offers peace of mind that YES is authentically natural and organic, in service of Intimate “Content and Wellbeing”.’
— Susi Lennox, The Yes Yes Company Ltd C-CEO

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