Our 5 Favourite Sleep Playlists

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Looking for a new sleep playlist? You’re in luck! We have put together a collection of our 5 favourite sleep soundtracks to help you relax and unwind!

Instead of scrolling through Instagram or watching TV until the wee hours, turn on one of these sleep playlists to help soothe your body and mind.

Sleep Playlists:

As mood-altering as music can be while you are awake, it also potentially has an effect on your subconscious mind, according to the BBC.  That’s why we like to listen to these 5 playlists all night.

Max Richter’s 8-Hour Lullaby

Composer Max Richter debuted his experimental 8-hour lullaby, ‘Sleep’, on BBC Radio 3 in September. He explained the inspiration and driving forces behind the piece saying, “So many of us today are overwhelmed by a blizzard of information, and because of this our engagement with the things around us can end up one-dimensional, and I hope this project can function as a holiday from our usual very busy data universe.” Listen to ‘Sleep’ here.

Spotify’s Deep Sleep Playlist

Spotify has a plethora of sleep-related playlists to peruse; however, this Deep Sleep playlist is our favourite. All of the songs in this playlist have a tempo of  60-80 beats per minute, which is ideal for sleep according to this study in the International Journal of Nursing Studies. Listen to the playlist here.

Calm App’s Sleep Stories

Ok, so these aren’t technically music but they are so lyrical and soothing that we had to include them here. Our all-time favourite Calm bedtime story is  Matthew McConaughey’s dreamy tale of the mysteries of the universe called “Wonder”. Find the Calm App here.

Spotify’s Floating Through Space Playlist

For those who prefer to doze off to music without lyrics, this selection of ambient songs is spot on. Floating Through Space is described as a way to “help you relax when insomnia hits”. It features 94 soothing songs that are sure to lull you to sleep.

BBC’s Calming Sounds Collection

Designed with restless children in mind, this collection of sounds including rain and white noise will help both children and adults get to sleep. Each playlist lasts 8 hours and there are a variety of sounds to choose from. Find all of the Calming Sounds here.

Let us know which standby sleepytime songs we’ve missed in the comments below. 

If music alone isn’t enough to get you ready for bed, try making this Natural Good Night Tonic!

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