Skin Food: Acupuncturist and Skin Expert Laura Jones Shares her Favourite Recipes

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Stuck in a meal or snack-time rut? This week we enlisted our resident acupuncturist and skincare specialist Laura Jones to fill us in on her favourite foodies and her pick of their skin and body beautifying recipes on rotation in her kitchen now.

Raw Chocolate & Maca Balls: I found these on Madeleine Shaw’s website. Great for those living a sugar-free lifestyle or for those just transitioning to eating naturally sweetened treats instead of the overly refined and nutritionally devoid alternatives. I love to use a blend of almonds and hazelnuts in mine. I also like the Folded Eggs with Asparagus and Avocado Puree, a good twist on one of my favourite breakfasts with the addition of asparagus which is a great natural detoxifier.

As a vegetarian it is crucial for me to fuel up on good quality plant-based protein at breakfast to stop mid morning slumps and sugar cravings. Breakfast is after all the most important meal of the day!

Superfood Bread   Sometimes you just need a slice of bread and this one by Deliciously Ella always hits the spot. I make mine with quinoa rather than brown rice flour for extra protein and because I try not to have too many grains. It tastes amazing with my mums fresh homemade red pepper hummus.

I’m currently loving the Hemsley + Hemsley’s Berry Pancakes, made with coconut flour and their Mango Cashew Cream. These are a great alternative to my usual banana vegan pancakes with maple syrup which tend to be higher in sugar. The Hemsley + Hemsley Quicker Than Toast has become a staple too. I love pairing this quick courgette recipe with a vegan roasted red pepper sauce. High in plant-based protein – this combination will keep you satiated long after your meal. You can find these healthy recipes and many more in the Hemsley + Hemsley new cookbook The Art Of Eating Well.

Laura Jones BSc (Hons), Lic. Acu, MBAcC, MICHT, MGPBT, Dip, Meditation, began her career working in the NHS with elderly and disabled patients. and went on to study at the prestigious University of Westminster in London.  A naturally gifted healer Laura often combines the powerful healing modalities of acupuncture and reiki to enhance the therapeutic effects of her treatments. To book an appointment with Laura click here.

Image: Hemsley + Hemsley