SHELF TALK: Make Your Own Organic Strawberries & ‘Cream’ Summer Skin Mask

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Summer is a great time to experiment with your products and create new combinations to cool and soothe hot summer skin. With plentiful amounts of fruit and ‘skin food’ around, getting into the kitchen is a great place to start your experiments. For some inspiration we chatted to Vicky from LIVE NATIVE about her favourite kitchen cosmetics….

I love playing with my products, and especially the mud mask which is so versatile. Mix simply with water and allow to dry for a really deep-pore detox-draw, or keep moist with Essential Mist Toner for a gentler effect. You can also get creative and add a few drops of our Essential Beauty Serum, even honey and goats milk for a recipe that Cleopatra herself would be unable to resist. I like this raw vegan version, and what better time to enjoy Scottish Strawberries in the wake of such a great Wimbledon victory!

Botanic Earth Mud Mask with strawberries and ‘cream’

  • 2 tsp Botanic Earth Mud Mask
  • 1 ripe local, organic strawberry
  • 1 tsp fresh coconut yoghurt or coconut cream
  • 1 tsp warm water – to dribble in to the mix if required to reach the best consistency

First mash the strawberry with a fork until smooth and quite liquid, then add all other ingredients and stir until you have a paste that can be brushed onto face, neck and décolleté. Apply to skin and relax for 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water. Follow with the Live Native Essential Mist MSM Toner and moisturiser or Essential Beauty Serum of choice.

Additional Benefits

  • Strawberries contain Ellagic Acid, which inhibits the enzyme collagenase and prevents the breakdown of collagen, resulting in greater skin elasticity, especially after UV exposure.
  • Coconut is rich in saturated oils and amino acids that heal, protect and condition the skin.

The effect of this mask is gentler, more nourishing than when used with just water, and skin will be plumped and glowing after just one 15 minute application.