RMS Beauty Organic Make-Up Masterclass

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Acclaimed make-up artist and founder of organic make up-range RMS Beauty, Rose-Marie Swift, popped into the CONTENT Marylebone store to workshop the Tinted ‘Un’ Powder and demonstrate how to apply it correctly on skin for a beautifully natural finish. As a pioneer of the industry (and on call make-up artist for Miranda Kerr and Giselle Bundchen), attendees were hanging on her every word (and expert hands!) as she demonstrated how to create some gorgeous beauty looks with her organic cosmetics and shared some exclusive beauty tips. Of course, we couldn’t wait to share them with you! Here is what went down…

About the Brand

Launched by Rose-Marie Swift in 2009, the RMS Beauty range is the result of over 20 years’ experience as an acclaimed make-up artist. The RMS Beauty range is created with all certified organic ingredients in their raw and natural (living state). This ensures that when applied, each product feeds the skin with vitamins, enzymes and nutrients. From its inception, the range has been ahead of the curve for combining effective, lasting formulas with beautiful, on-trend colours that are highly pigmented and easily buildable.

Rose-Marie Swift is also a keen advocate for choosing natural beauty products and regularly educates consumers about the toxic ingredients found in every day skin care, beauty and food. She aimed to formulate the ultimate colour cosmetic line for the both the health and fashion conscious woman, creating products that preserve the integrity of the skin and make her look healthy too. Judging by the cult worldwide following amassed by the range, we can safely say she has succeeded in achieving that, and we, of course, are hooked!

The Products

Rose-Marie Swift only includes the cleanest possible ingredients in her formulations, which are proved to work synergistically with the skin, such as organic jojoba oil and coconut oil. Being this natural means that unlike mass-produced beauty products, no two batches are ever the same, as organic ingredients can vary according to harvest. As Rose-Marie puts it: “With organic make-up, no two batches look the same [as one another] when you open it” so don’t be alarmed if it looks slightly uneven in the pot: it’s perfectly normal.

All the products are formulated from a similar base, so with two or three products from each category you can blend your own customised palette for a large variety of colours. Most products are multi-tasking (a creamy Eye Polish can easily double up as lip tint, for instance) and melt softly into the skin. The colours adjust themselves to your skin tone, so they are very versatile to use and easy to apply – provided they are blended well with fingers.

The range includes cult classics for face, lips and eyes, such as ‘Un’ Cover-Up, Living Luminizer, Lip2Cheek and Buriti Bronzer, Mascara, Lip Shines and, the focus of today’s post, the Tinted ‘Un’ Powder. Keeping true to RMS Beauty’s “less is more” aesthetic, the Tinted ‘Un’ Powder is an ultra-fine, light reflective powder, containing a hint of colour that helps minimise the appearance of pores, soften the skin and absorb oil.

Expert RMS Beauty Tips

We’ve broken down some of our favourite beauty tips below. If we could sum up the take-away message from Rose-Marie’s event in a few sentences, this would be: work with what you have, not against it. Be empowered by make-up, not overpowered by it! Less is definitely more. Also, make sure to warm up make-up on your hands before applying it to your face, then blend, blend, blend. Now, in her own words…


  • •  On pimples: Need to cover it up? Don’t pile the make-up on the whole face just to cover a few spots! This will only exaggerate the fact that there is a pimple. Just touch up the imperfection with a tiny brush, dab some ‘Un’ Cover-Up on and around the area. Then because of the raw coconut oil, which contains lauric acid, it helps skin heal, as it is both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Win-win.
  • •  Work with what you have: Blessed with good skin? Just use some ‘Un’ Cover-Up as a foundation where you need it. Apply it like a moisturiser, by rubbing, blending and circulating over skin with fingers, rather than patting it on. Then, use the regular (un-tinted) ‘Un’ Powder and dab it onto skin with a powder puff.
  • •  On oily nose and T-zone: After a little application of the ‘Un’ Cover-Updab some Tinted ‘Un’ Powder on top. The silica will help absorb the oil. However, stay away from products containing mineral oils (we don’t have to tell you green beauties that!), as they will leave a thick deposit on your skin.
  • •  On application: Apply both the ‘Un’ Powder and Tinted ‘Un’ Powder utilising a powder puff, rather than a brush, for a more natural application. This will also avoid you inhaling any tiny powder particles. For maintenance, wash the puff with gentle shampoo regularly to clean it. Also, make sure you dab some ‘Un’ Powder on your hand before dabbing it on your face, instead of directly onto the buffer, as you can see how much you’re putting on. This will ensure a more seamless application. As for foundation application, I like to use the Skin2Skin Foundation Brush; unlike other foundation brushes, it has a spiral so you can really blend the colour well and it replicates the use of fingers. It mimics “skin to skin” application.  
  • •  On ageing: As you age, your skin gets thinner and tends to have more a “blue” hue – mostly under the eyes. Make sure you have some salmon (tones) in your under eye product to counteract the blue in your skin. Also, as you get ‘wiser’, you loose colour contrast in your face, so you start looking more “flat”. Why not go for a red lipstick to add some colour and contrast? Try the Lip Shine in Sacred for a nice effect. Or even darken the brow.
  • •  On primer: You can use a very small amount of RMS Beauty Oil as a primer, as it works very well with the ‘Un’ Cover-Up. Use only a dab, as it is a concentrated formula – amazing as a night-time treatment.


  • •  On under-eye bags: Less is more under the eye. The skin around the eye is completely different, so the less you put there, the less they will show. You do not want to exaggerate them. Use some ‘Un’ Cover-Up, but make sure it’s the right skin tone and not too white, as it will only serve to draw attention to the area and amplify the grey effect of the bag.
  • •  On eye shadow application: Do not use sunscreen or moisturiser on eyes before applying the Cream Eye Polish, as it will crease. A primer can be used if you tend towards a naturally oily eye, as it will hold the shadow better. These eye polishes are a veil of sheer colour, so always apply the eye shadow on a bare lid. When applying it, bring it up to the brow bone and blend it out so you don’t see where the colour stops and starts. Then, pop some gold/metallic shimmer right in the middle of the eye – the Cream Eye Polish in Solar or Lunar would work great. You only want to see a hint, not full-on gold. This really opens up the eye and ‘brightens’ it. Seduce looks great on fair complexions with light hair. Oily lids a problem? Powder down the lid with the ‘Un’ Powder, or use a powdered shadow as a base to hold better. Then, highlight brows with Seduce and dab a little bit of Un’ Powder to set.
  • •  Evening eye makeup: You can build any Cream Eye Polish for an alluring evening look. For lasting power through the night, apply the Cream Eye Polish, then layer it with some Un’ Powder. Finally, add some more colour on top. You can achieve a great evening look with the Lip2Cheek in Diabolique. If you want to soften up a black eye with lots of eye liner, some Cream Eye Polish in Imagine will work really well.
  • •  Eyebrows: Add some natural definition to brows using the Cream Eye Polish and utilising the Brightening Brush. The Solar looks great on pale blondes whereas the Seduce shade looks great on brunettes. Keep Karma for very dark brows only.
  • •  Eyelashes: I’m old-school: I like to use a spoon and warm it up with a blow dryer to curl lashes. Otherwise, you can use an eye lash curler, but make sure you keep it very straight when you bend lashes, not wonky – this will result in uneven lashes. Then, use the Defining Mascara and apply to define eyelashes. Works great on challenged lashes due to the very thin brush. When applying, do not look down; always lift the face as it avoids mascara getting everywhere on the lid. After applying mascara, pop some ‘Un’ Powder on lids using a brush or cotton bud to build and thicken, then apply the mascara again for more impact. Really works!
  • •  On dark complexions: Use your natural skin colour around the eye as a base palette and simply highlight the centre of the lid, utilising a metallic colour like the Eye Polish in Imagine to make it pop. It also works great on cheeks! Then, darken the eyebrow using a brush with Karma or lighten slightly with Seduce to match better if needed.



  • •  For softer lips, avoid licking them. They will dry out even more! Try the Lip & Skin Balm.
  • Multi-task: Any of the Lip Shines can be used on cheek too. My go too shade for lips is the Lip2Cheek in ‘Diabolique’.
  • •  Add definition: Add some Living Luminizer to your cupid’s bow to help define lips or a hint in the centre of the lips for a fuller pout.


  • •  On blusher: Work with what you have! Do you have red cheeks? There is no need for blush, then. If you must, the Lip2Cheek in ‘Illusive’ is a good colour for a natural look. When applying, don’t bring the blush down too low, as it pulls the face down. As a treatment, the Beauty Oil helps tone down redness. It’s good to remember that the less make up you have on your cheekbones, the older you look. So pop a little bit of Lip Shine in ‘Sublime on the inside of the cheek to lift the cheek, for a pretty make up look. I created the ‘Sacred’ Lip2Cheek as the perfect shade of innocent red (like babies have), dab a bit on cheek for a naturally flushed look!
  • •  Bronzer: I am not a big fan of heavy contouring, where the bronzer is applied low under the cheekbones. To find the perfect spot to apply bronzer, put your finger just below your eye – the bronzer should be applied below this area, one finger down from your eye. Bronzer should be applied just where the sun would naturally tan you….that is the elevated parts of the face. You can use the Buriti Bronzer (do not use if you have red based skin) , or the Cream Eye Polish in ‘Seduce‘ to contour and blend. ‘Seduce’ is a great multi-tasking colour, as it works for contouring, eyebrows and as an eye shadows! Finally, layer on some Luminizer on top of the bronzer and blend it in with fingers to add some glow. Have you put too much bronzer? If you have it will look flat and muddy. So, to define it use one of the ‘Un’ Powder to dab on the bronzer and tone it down. You can also dab more ‘Un’ Cover-Up concealer to blend and even out.


  • •  On narrowing the nose: It’s all about shadows! To create the illusion of a narrower nose, create contrast by applying a very small amount Cream Eye Polish in ‘Seduce’. Then, apply some Living Luminizer down the centre of the bridge of the nose, to catch the light.
  • •  On older women: As we age, discolouration occurs around the nose/cheek area. Add some ‘Un’ Cover-Up around the nose to camouflage it.


Date Night Tips

  • •  Face: Always try to be aware of the lighting situations when you go out, as ugly light means you aren’t going to look the best. Try to ensure your face is nicely lit during a date, such as candle light of soft lighting (not overhead lighting …that is the worst! Bad light … point wearing good make-up because nothing will save it. Unless you have extreme youth and beauty!)
  • •  Add some Living Luminizer on knuckles and collarbones for a nice sheen, without the glitter. The Cream Eye Polish in ‘Lunar’ also works well as a more traditional highlighter.