Required Reading: January 2018

Books to read
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We’re all about finding the delicate balance between self-improvement and self-acceptance. Whether you’re kickstarting 2018 wanting to change the world or look after yourself better, we’ve picked out some inspiring reads to help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions this year. These books will help you go (and stay!) vegan, find meaning in your life, create rituals and give up the booze.

Inspiring Reads for January

How To Go Vegan: The Why, the How, and Everything You Need to Make Going Vegan Easy by Veganuary

Did you participate in Veganuary this month? Whether you’re now a full blown convert or are still on the fence about making the switch, this book will give you all the tools you need to make the change towards a healthier, happier and more ethical lifestyle – it’s easier than you think! But first you will be given all the whys for going vegan. Remembering the animal welfare and environment issues plus the health benefits of a plant-based diet will give you the motivation to resist the temptation to tuck into that cheeseboard.

You will learn how to be a vegan out in the world. How To Go Vegan is filled with tips and tricks so you’ll be able to deal with every situation from eating out or eating at friends’ houses, answering questions from loved ones and traveling vegan. Also included are meal plans, what to do if you are struggling and how to celebrate being a vegan.

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

Have you ever asked yourself what are the most valuable things that everyone should know? Acclaimed clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson answers this question in 12 Rules For Life. He provides twelve profound and practical principles for how to live a meaningful life, from setting your house in order before criticising others to comparing yourself to who you were yesterday, not someone else today.

Happiness should not be our goal. He says it is pointless and that instead we must search for meaning, not for its own sake, but as a defense against the suffering that is intrinsic to our existence. Drawing on real life examples from his clinical practice and personal life, cutting edge psychology and philosophy, and lessons from humanity’s oldest myths and stories, 12 Rules for Life offers a satisfying solution to the chaos in our lives.

The Sober Diaries: How One Woman Stopped Drinking and Started Living

Imagine what would happen if Bridget Jones gave up drinking. You would end up with The Sober Diaries. Author Clare Pooley found the juggle of a demanding career and family life a struggle so she left her role as a Managing Partner in one of the world’s biggest advertising agencies to look after her family. She knew the transition would be challenging but she never expected to find herself overweight, depressed, and drinking more than a bottle of wine a day.

This bravely honest story of a year in Clare’s life starts with her giving up alcohol and then being given the heartbreaking diagnosis of breast cancer. By the end of the year she is booze-free and cancer-free. She is healthier with a happier family and a more positive outlook. Interwoven within Clare’s brilliantly comic story is research and advice as she discovers the answers to questions like: How do I know if I’m drinking too much? How will I cope at parties? If I stop drinking will I lose weight? And many more.

Well Being: Recipes And Rituals To Realign The Body And Mind

British model and founder of Qnola Life, Danielle Copperman, offers a collection of over 250 body and mind recipes and rituals in her debut book, Well Being. These recipes and rituals take you through the day from morning to night. There are no strict rules but instead you will be guided with easy-to-follow suggestions that will help you to discover your own personal definition of living well. Ancient traditions from Ayurveda, Yoga and meditation have been simplified so that you can easily introduce them into your daily life and enjoy lower levels of stress, depression and digestive issues.

Also included in the book are delicious, all-natural recipes such Date, Almond and Orange Blossom Bircher, Cassava Bagels and White Bean Carbonara as well as basic staples such as Almond Cashew Mayonnaise, Kombucha and Sauerkraut. There are also recipes for your home, such as Coconut Oil Candles and a Calming Essential Oil Atmosphere Spray, alongside natural beauty treatments such as Wake Up Well Brightening Face Spritz. You can shop the matching Wake Up Well Candle at Content.