REQUIRED READING: Links we Love for January

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This January has been filled with predictions and tips for the year ahead. These are our favourites….plus some CONTENT features in the press


  • Recipe of the Week: Having just spent some time in Korea and being addicted to all things pickled and fermented (we can’t dine without Sauerkraut at the moment) we were excited to see the Green Kitchen Stories post this recipe for Korean Kimchi Wraps – perfect! Get the recipe
  • Favourite Food – as above, we are living off Sauerkraut. This weeks favourite is from Raw Health which is sugar free. Find it here.
  • Supplement of the Week – we are stocking up on Vitamin C for our immune system. Feel a cold coming on? Get it early enough and take a few doses of The Synergy Pure Radiance C and we swear it will help stop it in its tracks. View Here.
  • Must Watch – If your New Year Resolutions including adding meditation to your day and you are finding it hard to stick with it, then this talk from Andy Puddicombe at Headspace reminds you why you should. Watch the video.
  • Drink This – the cold weather is making hot chocolate a must have treat. Instead of running to the local coffee shop, make you own using raw cacao (careful not too heat it too much) and add therapeutic spices for the ultimate warming affect. Our favourite recipe at the moment is Superfood Haute Chocolate from My New Roots. Get the recipe.

Let us know if you’ve found any favourite links this month….