Recycled Packaging for Your Beauty Products

recycled packaging
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When CONTENT opened in 2008, it did so making use of recycled materials. Recycled vending machine coffee cups create our cupboard doors that now hold beauty products in recycled packaging. Items to decorate and furnish the store were second life. The light fittings to the stools to the collection of vintage hand mirrors were all pre- (and still) loved. We like to think these along with the organic paint and more make up part of the charm of the store.

Recycling, in addition to conserving resources, reduces the already immense pressure on landfills. In many cases, recycling saves energy too. The current amount of UK recycling saves 18 million tonnes of CO2 a year, says The Waste and Resources Action Programme which heads up the Recycle Now initiative. That amount is equivalent to removing 5 millions cars from UK streets and motorways. That staggering number makes us want to support recycled materials wherever we can. That’s why we wanted to highlight that it’s possible to support recycling – even in your beauty routine. Our RECYCLED range covers products at CONTENT getting creative about using recycled materials. Be it recycled packaging or the very make up of the product itself, these are the products to look out for.

Recycled Materials

Say hello to the Paperthinks recycled makeup bags. You may have received one of these with our CONTENT Collection last year. Now you can shop them in-store and online. Made from off leather cuts, trimmings and shavings from other manufacturing processes, they are a great example of repurposing waste. Recyclable materials can be found in your organic makeup kit too. Lesson one: Ferrules are the rings at top of the handle of makeup brushes that hold the bristles in place. The ferrules of all EcoTools makeup brushes at CONTENT are made of recycled aluminium! Combine that with the benefit of their more sustainable bamboo handles and cruelty free synthetic bristles, and you’ve got a makeup tool keeping the planet’s best interests in sight. Ilia organic makeup have always been on trend in more ways than just design. All their metal casings are made from recycled aluminium – from their Organic Lipstick to the cult Ilia Lip Conditioner and Multi Stick.

Recycled Packaging

One of our favourite repurposing initiatives comes from Axiology. All paper used to create Axiology Lipstick boxes is collected by a woman-owned recycled paper boutique in Bali. Post consumer paper from island hotels, offices, and households are taken to a small factory and kept off beaches and streets. There it is boiled down to a pulp, dried in the sun, then folded and decorated by hand to become the box around your organic lipstick.

What does yoghurt and shaving have in common? The handle of Preserve Razors of course – they are made entirely of recycled yoghurt cartons! It’s number 5 plastic composition is therefore recyclable at the end of use too.

As for bottles, long a pioneer of the eco conscious movement, we love that Dr Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap are packaged inside 100% post consumer recycled bottles. And keep your eyes peeled for more brands switching to a bioplastic packaging made from organic materials like sugarcane. Pai Skincare have already adopted some into their range with the repackaging of their organic body cream.


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