Raw Press Share Their Recipe For (Almond) Mylk & Coffee

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ellaRAW5In the countdown to the opening of Raw Press, London’s newest cold-pressed juicery and cafe, opening August 11th we caught up with the founders and were treated to a sneak peek of their menu and a few recipes to try at home.

It’s no secret that a coffee habit and clear skin often don’t go hand and hand. Now that we have managed to get ours down to one a week we make sure it counts and this one does! Raw Press treated us to a recipe for a cold brew full of healthy fats, electrolytes and minerals. Over to Raw Press…..

“We have been milking a lot of almonds and think we have finally come up with the king of almond milk recipes. The technique couldn’t be simpler! If you get beneath them and squeeze the base of the teat with a firm … oh wait, that’s a cow. This often happens, sorry. You actually just soak the almonds and some dates, then blend them with vanilla bean, Himalayan salt and water, although we like to use raw, unpasteurised coconut water, which really refines the flavour and makes it extra delicious! At Raw Press we use fresh and fragrant young Thai Nam Hom coconuts, enzyme and electrolyte-rich coconut water is isotonic, meaning it has the same electrolyte balance as blood.

Once strained and chilled, in order to finish off our signature drink Mylk & Coffee, we add coffee from single origin Colombian beans from Volcano Coffee Works, which are cold brewed for 12 hours, yielding low acidity but a vibrant chocolate, orange aroma, light raisin sweetness and medium body. Say goodbye to your morning cappuccino as this is mineral-rich jet fuel that you can definitely feel good about!”

Raw Press Mylk & Coffee


120g soaked almonds
5 medium-sized soaked pitted dates
a pinch of sea salt
3 drops vanilla extract
1 litre fresh coconut water
A shot of cold-brew coffee, or espresso


Vitamix or blend all the ingredients except the coffee until creamy smooth, strain, mix in the coffee and serve or chill for up to three days.