Swap Easter Eggs for Raw Cacao

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For anyone with a sweet tooth, Easter means indulging in chocolate and Easter eggs. But if you eat clean, what are your options?


Luckily there are plenty of great alternatives involving raw cacao so you can treat yourself, minus the guilt! These are our favourites:

  • Instead of chocolate eggs, go for Raw Halo Chocolate Bars – What a treat these are! Sugar-refined free and gluten-free, they are certified by the Soil Association and use 100% raw Peruvian chocolate. Here at Content our favourite flavours are “Mylk” and “Dark”. The minimalist colourful packaging is also a sight to behold too.
  • Love a chocolate spread? Trust us – the Sweet Virtues Superfood Nut Butter is the tastiest “clean” alternative around. A superfood through and through, it combines runny raw cacao with chia seeds, coconut nectar, ginseng and almonds into one little pot. Yummy.

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Swap your Easter hot chocolate for:

  • WUNDERWORKSHOP Instantly Golden Cacao – a smooth, healing drink: a Vegan turmeric latte blending the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric with the taste of raw cacao and vanilla. Delicious!
  • Or if you’re not a turmeric fan and would like to stick to the real thing, try Four Sigma Foods Xoco Red – a chocolate and chaga blend which balances energy and boosts immunity. Or try Xoco Blue – a chocolate and reishi blend which helps to melt away stress.

To make it easier, we’ve put together some of our favourites in a handy little Easter Hamper for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Grab your Content Cacao Collection here while you can. It’s the perfect combination of skinfood and edible chocolate!