How to Raise a Natural Beauty

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With Mother’s Day on the mind, we turned to three women who balance owning and running a business with being a mum. What we were really curious to know was how does life as a conscious creator of natural and organic beauty products filter into how you raise your kids – how had these women gone about raising their children to be natural beauties? Three mothers share their approach and experiences.


Shiva Rose | founder of The Local Rose blog & Vapour Beauty collaborator

As a mama, I’m not sure if we are ever done raising our children. I do think that by example we can influence young beings more than anything else. I feel my daughters realised early on that I only had organic beauty and nontoxic items in my home. They also are very aware that eating clean, organic foods are key to feeling good and having clear, luminous skin.

I still have a young daughter at home so whatever I didn’t do with my older daughter, I can implement with my younger one. I do make getting into nature more of a priority with my younger daughter.  I also am more gluten-free with my younger mostly because she has allergies to conventional wheat.

I look forward to teaching them more about spirituality and how that can impact your feeling secure and whole in the world. Meditation and being alone in nature are a must!

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Michele Scott-Lynch | founder of Bouclème

One thing I think I did right in terms of raising my girls to be smart about their beauty choices was to teach them to always read the labels on cosmetic and food packages. And never believe an image in a magazine is real. I really wish someone had taught me that when I was a hormonal teenager. On the other side, I wish I had been more carefree and less uptight with my first child; new parents can be precious about routines.

One thing I’m looking forward to sharing with my girls that I haven’t yet is that though they haven’t started experimenting with make-up yet much — when they do, my message is clear: less is definitely more!

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Sharon mv

Sharon McGlinchey | founder of MV Organic Skincare

I encouraged my daughter Tess not to compare herself to anyone else and to find her own style – not follow trends. She’s done just that and, I have to say, I believe her saving grace was her dislike of Facebook. Avoiding this took away a lot of teenage angst! One thing I wish I didn’t do was comment so much on her Ugg boot phase. Her feet are totally fine – not destroyed as I kept telling her they would be. She is Australian after all!

Tess was also obsessed with painting her nails from quite a young age so I wish I had said “No” to nail polish! It was many years after her obsession started that the more natural alternatives arrived on the market.

My one tip I’m looking forward to sharing with her that I haven’t yet? All those hours, weeks and months you’ll spend trying to impress others is valuable time you’ll never get back! The only person in the world you need to impress is yourself.

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