Rahua Organic Haircare Brand Launches at Content

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New to our organic beauty store in London is the organic haircare range Rahua. With fans stateside and now growing in the UK this is one natural haircare range to try if you’ve struggled with the rest.

The range is comprised of an organic shampoo, organic conditioner, finishing treatment and star product Ungurahua Oil Rahua Elixir. Based on the extraordinarily small Rahua oil molecule, this deeply penetrates the hair’s cortex rather than just coating the hair – the condition of the hair gets better with use and time.

The newest product to be added to the line is the Voluminous Hairspray. Different from the rest by it’s notable lack of alcohol. The Rahua Voluminous Hairspray is the first 100% natural, USDA organic, alcohol free hair spray.

This natural hairspray creates volume by creating “fuzzy-fibers” on the outer layer of the hair, pushing neighboring hair strands apart, inflating the hair and creating volume. It provides a base for amazing looks without harmful chemicals and gives soft, flexible hold, keeps hair fresh and full of life.

We Love! View the Rahua Organic Haircare range here.