Staff Picks: Our Go-To Plastic Free Lifestyle Products

plastic free lifestyle products
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We’re on a mission to go plastic free in as many areas as possible, from the kitchen, to the bathroom, to our beauty routine, to on-the-go. There are plenty of plastic free lifestyle products we have sampled, but only a few have stood the test of time and we can no longer live without these! While you’d be hard pressed to go entirely plastic free with your lifestyle, we recommend making a start with one or two of our plastic free lifestyle picks that suit your lifestyle best. Establish what sticks as a habit and then add on over time.

Our Go-To Plastic Free Lifestyle Products

Pela ‘Return to Earth’ iPhone Case

“The gentle reminder to put my phone away for some phone-free time always resonates. I also like the texture of the Flaxstic material and that you can see actually see the flax fibre.” – Imelda

Content Organic Shopper Set

“I always carry a Turtle reusable shopping bag with me, it stashes easily in any bag and is big enough for my day-to-day groceries. Having the produce bags is ideal for buying plastic free fruit and veggies, and if I’m taking an apple in my bag for lunch.” – Lorran

Turtle Bags

“I’m partial to the long-handled lime green one, personally. They’re so much more versatile than a basic tote bag because they expand and adapt, so anything you need to fit, it will stretch to hold. I keep one on me at all times for impromptu shopping or grocery trips because they’re lightweight and take up almost no space.” – Cody

Bambu Cutlery Set

“I love not polluting the planet with more plastic by keeping a reusable utensil set on me when I’m out and about. So cute and practical to use, plus it comes with a pouch to keep the heads protected and contained!” – Catherine

Glass Drinking Straws

“I love how they look along with their functionality for both hot and cold liquids. Glass being transparent, you can see exactly how clean your straw is on the inside as well.” – Margaux

I’m With Greta Bag

“Greta’s story is so inspiring and it feels great to be supporting her causes by carrying this message around. It’s also a super handy size for holding my daily essentials.” – Sasha

Reusable Drink Bottle

“I actually own a couple of reusable drink bottles so one is never far from reach! I generally keep one on my office desk and the other travels with me in my handbag between home and while out-and-about. The best thing about a reusable drink bottle (other than avoiding the need to buy plastic bottles) is that it keeps water cold for up to 24 hours. This is ideal when travelling to sunny destinations, and particularly during this London heatwave!” – Annabel

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