Our Guide to Avocado in London – London by ‘Avocado’

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Judging by our social media feeds, avocado become the breakfast, brunch, luch, dinner and desert food par excellence around 2014. Understandable, as it’s a superfood with a myriad of nutritional benefits – and one of the best natural skinfoods too (find out more about it here).

Whether it’s on toast, in a dessert or blended into a smoothie, we can’t quite get enough! Luckily, London is brimming with Instagram-worthy (yes, guilty as charged!) and avocado hot spots for you to satisfy your craving. Read on for our #ContentApproved ‘Guide To London By Avocado’.

Superood Salads

  • Rainbow Buddha Bowl: We love this superfood concoction combining steamed quinoa, sesame kale, beetroot carrot slaw, arame, alfalfa sprouts, avocado, miso-sesame dressing (*Miso is rice & soy derived) courtesy of the Chelsea based organic juice bar and kitchen. Absolutely delicious and instantly refuelling!
  • The Goodness Bowl: Since The Good Life Eatery opened next door to our store in Marylebone, we’ve been a little obsessed with The Goodness Bowl which features a quinoa tabbouleh, Asian salad, zuchinni fettuccini, sweet potato and quinoa falafel, 1/2 seeded avocado, and seeded crackers with you guessed it avocado butter. With its mix of grain, seaweed, pickle and grain, it makes a balanced and nourishing meal – it’s our ideal lunch for summer!
  • Fresh Seasonal Salads: Sometimes, a perfect salad filled with fresh superfoods is all we need – we like The Detox Kitchen Cafe’s selection of salads to eat in or takeaway. Look out for the avocado, lettuce, yellow pepper, spring onion and coriander for a simple and instant boost.
  • The Detox Salad: This feels like health on a plate! It’s simply an avocado coated with seed mix and paired with a shredded rainbow vegetables, wild rocket and lemon vinaigrette. We like. 

Brunches and lunches

  • Wild Bruchetta: Sometimes, less is more – as this dish proves! We love the simple yet delectable combination of cherry tomatoes, shallots, basil on sourdough bread or cracker, topped with slices of avocado. The ideal starter to whet our appetite.
  • Avocado and Beetroo Tartare with Salsa Verde: Imagine diced avocado, laid over a bed of diced beetroot and topped with a mint, basil, parsely and coriander sauce and feta cheese garnish on top. Need we say more? A match made in heaven! 
  • California Roll and Sweet Nori: If you love raw food, you’ll have surely heard about raw food institution Nama Foods and the nori wraps are one of their standout dish. These little wraps of deliciousness are packed with raw food superfoods – we love the combination of creamy avocado with cauli rice, mushroom, walnut meat and sprouts in the California rolls; and the sweet but tangy nori wraps which feature mango, carrots and beetroot meat. Delightful! 
  • Guacamole Fix – an instant Guacamole fix can be found at any of Wahaca’s locations. Freshly made every day with Hass avocados & freshly squeezed lime juice, we like to team it with their zingy tomato salsa and home cooked tortilla chip.

Smoothies & Sweets

  • Glowing Greens Smoothie: Masterminded by one of our major healthy eating inspirations Amelia Freer, this green smoothie gives a refreshing superfood hit thanks to the cucumber, avocado, apple, chia seeds, kale, supergreens powder and jax Coco Water. It’s one of our staples at this juice bar, which is very conveniently located next to our store.
  • Energy Booster and The Boss: Our opinion at #ContentHQ is divided on that front: while some of us love the former, others are more keen on the latter. Both feature avocado for good measure, but the Energy Booster is more tangy and zingy, as it’s made with cucumber, celery, spinach, lemon, ginger, pepper, banana, avocado and chilli flakes. Meanwhile, ‘The Boss’ is more on the sweet side, containing coconut water, coconut meat, avocado, banana and cocoa powder. We’d easily have both at different times of day!
  • Chocoavo Mousse: Avocado in desserts is one of our favourite ingredients! For instance, it’s hard not to love this decadent mousse with a dark chocolate mousse, almond milk and avocado base, topped with Coconut Yogurt, Cranberry Powder, Strawberry. It’s healthy and delicious!