Our Favourite Plant-Based Blogs & Instagrams

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This week, we’re celebrating veganism ahead of International Vegan Day on November 1st. From the best ways to ensure you’re making the most out of your vegan diet, vegan reads we’re loving now, to enlightening you all on a new milk alternative set for release in 2017 (we’ll leave you to decide whether you’re in favour of it or not) – Vegan Day is a great occasion to bring awareness to the power of plants in all their delicious and nutritious glory. Whether you’re vegan, transitioning, or simply looking to incorporate more plant-based meals into your day, below we have compiled a list of our favourite plant-based blogs for some delicious inspiration ahead of the occasion.

100% Vegan Blogs

  • Earth Sprout: A great place for anyone interested in upping their intake of whole plant-foods, Earth Sprout is the loving creation of raw food health coach and green gourmet chef Elenore who set out to offer a platform as accessible as it is informative. With a focus on real, home-grown produce, all of Elenore’s vibrant recipes are designed to address the ‘whole’ being, with improved energy, a healthy appearance and improved health conditions an inevitable consequence of following the ‘greenylicious’ lifestyle she advocates.
  • Deliciously Ella: How could we not mention this blog! Now boasting an app and soon to release her first cookbook, Deliciously Ella’s recipes are easy to make and always as delicious as they look. Our busy week-night go-to’s, the selection of all vegan mains, desserts, snacks and smoothies will please even the pickiest of eaters, kids included.
  • The First Mess: “A meal has never been anything to take for granted in my life” – a reflection of this simple idea that inspired the creation of one of our new Content favourites, The First Mess. A manifesto to seasonal, natural foods and the delights of sharing wholesome meals with loved ones, we love the selection of wholesome,hearty dishes perfect for the cooler months ahead.
  • Oh She Glows: For anyone transitioning to veganism, this book is for you. Featuring a collection of plant-based nourishment to encourage people to incorporate more plant-foods into their diet without feeling deprived or restricted, chef Angela Giddens is a master at creating vegan versions of your favourite non-vegan treats.
  • Have Cake Will Travel: We love the collection of diverse recipes and vegan inspiration on Have Cake Will Travel created by Celine Steen after her decision to make the switch to veganism for ethical reasons back in 2005. Having co-penned a few cookbooks including The Complete Guide to Vegan Food Substitutions, Whole Grain Vegan Baking and Vegan Finger Foods to name a few. Right now we’re loving her Cashew and Coconut Creamer delicious added to our 1-a-week caffeine fix.
  • Thug Kitchen: Starting their website to inspire the ordinary bloke next door to up his intake of vegetables and adopt a healthier lifestyle, the guys at Thug Kitchen’s not-so-serious approach to healthy eating is a welcome breath of fresh air. Refusing to adhere to diet dogma and the latest trends and superfoods, we love their simple, back to basics approach to healthy eating that favours a vegan diet.

Vegan Communities

  • Hipster Food: A blog incepted from a rash decision to adopt a vegan lifestyle after moving out into their first apartment together, New York based couple Cara and Bob began hipster food as a way to educate people on how fulfilling veganism could be in contrast to the somewhat stark representation the term sometimes conjures. Going on to launch our favourite vegan quarterly, Chickpea Magazine, we love the simple recipes that whilst not always ‘healthy’, make for an always-welcome vegan treat.
  • Banana Bambinos: United by a common love for a minimally processed diet as close to the earth as possible – Banana Bambinos is a group of 13 international plant-based, ‘banana lovin’, pancake flipping and chocolate chomping’ bloggers who have recently come together to share their joint knowledge, insight and delicious recipes all in the one place.

Plant Based Blogs worth taking note of (not 100% vegan)

  • My New Roots: One of our all time favourites here at Content, My New Roots is an amalgamation of beautifully curated plant-based delicacies created by holistic nutritionist and self taught chef Sarah B. With a love for whole foods and experimenting in the kitchen, Sarah’s recipes have been created in the hope of educating and inspiring individuals to discover a whole new world of flavour and nourishment through the simple and delicious dishes she creates.
  • 101 Cookbooks: Are you guilty of buying cookbook after cookbook only to find yourself cooking the same small selection of recipes over and over again? So too was 101 cookbooks founder Heidi Swanson who made a resolution to start trying new recipes to expand her kitchen repertoire with the hope of inspiring others to do the same. Whilst not entirely vegan, 101 cookbooks features a large assortment of vegan friendly dishes worth bookmarking.
  • Clean Food Dirty City: Whilst it would be lovely to live amongst nature, foraging and growing our own food, for the majority of us, this is simply not an option, so for us, making the most out of clean food in the not so clean surroundings of urban life is as much a priority as the products we put on our skin. Clean Food Dirty City is all about promoting this way of life, through simple, plant-based recipes all gluten and dairy free.
  • Green Kitchen Stories: If you’ve been considering incorporating more plant-based meals into the family kitchen the team behind Green Kitchen Stories is all the inspiration you need. Advocating a diet rich in natural ingredients, whole grains, good fats, fruit and vegetables, we love the mostly vegan assortment of recipes on their blog and now available in hard copy in Green Kitchen Stories and the newly released Green Kitchen Travels.
  • Golubka: A journal of nourishing recipes as healthy as they are delicious, we love The Vibrant Table author Rachel’s mostly vegan blog Golubka. Featuring a mostly raw array of sweet and savoury recipes – we love how Rachel manages to sneak vegetables into almost all of her dishes, vegan ice cream included!

Vegan/Plant-based Instagrams

  • Little Bird Organics: Full of amazing raw and vegan ideas, we love the instagram run by chef and ‘cook’book author of the latest addition to the Content book collection The Unbakery. A must-follow for yummy ideas and beautiful food photography.
  • Nutritiously Natasha: We’ve been following the journey of Natasha Lipman since she began her journey into the world of veganism in an attempt to heal from three chronic diseases. Mostly all of her recipes are allergen friendly and anti-inflammatory.
  • Plant Based Pixie: If you know someone who struggles to find fruit and veg appealing, this is the instagram to ‘follow’ for them. Pixie’s delicious 100% plant based creations feature some great ideas using ingredients that are mostly affordable and accessible.
  • Natural Nomad: Proving that simplicity is just as delicious and as visually pleasing as some of the more loaded vegan instagrams out there – Natural Nomad’s selection of plant-based dishes provide a breath of fresh air in their minimalist aesthetic.
  • Nourish & Evolve: Housing a beautiful assortment of photographs featuring some great plant-based meal ideas that we’ll be replicating this month, Nourish & Evolve is at the top of our list of plant-based instagrams we’re loving now.
  • Raw Vegan Blonde: We love the floral plethora of plant-based food art and delicious and beautiful vegan creations that grace the instagram account of Raw Vegan Blonde. Not a dish is dawned without colour and vibrancy – with fruit and veg always the stars of the show.
  • Healing Belle: Founder of the Wholefood Pantry, Healing Belle, whilst not strictly vegan, offers up an appealing assortment of plant-heavy inspiration along with feel-good quotes and a whole host of healthy inspiration.

Images: Authors of (L to R) Deliciously Ella, The First Mess, Earthsprout