Organic Cosmetics As Chosen By Makeup Artists

Organic Cosmetics Chosen by Makeup Artists as their Desert Island Product
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We asked eight green beauty makeup artists their desert island make-up product and got back a treasure trove of natural makeup recommendations! Read on to meet the make-up artists championing natural and organic cosmetics and see what they’re taking to the island.

Lou Dartford

Specialises In: Music, Fashion and Beauty

Desert Island Product: The Juice Beauty CC Cream. ‘If it was guaranteed that I could shelter from the sun under palm trees, then I would go for a pot of coconut oil. That has the answer for a lot of things. Otherwise, this from the Juice Beauty makeup range would come with me to even out and brighten my complexion, while hydrating and protecting it too!’



Specialty: Conceptual Make-up Artist

Desert Island Product: The RMS Signature Set. ‘Let’s face it, that little pallet from RMS Beauty packs a lot in – no one said it had to be a single product. I could do a different look with the Mod palette for every day we were stranded!’


Laura Jane Sessions

Specialises In: Film, TV and Commercials as a Make-up Artist & Designer

Desert Island Product: W3LL People Expressionist Mascara. ‘If I can’t have anything else on this island, I’ll be safe in the knowledge I have good lashes and, by default (and lack of eye make-up remover), a slightly smokey eye!’


Sjaniël Turrell

Specialises In: Holistic Make-up

Desert Island ProductAbsolution Organic Lipstick Rouge Coquelicot. ‘I’m all about healthy, glowing skin, so let’s hope this island has at least got some fresh coconuts and shade. Assuming I’m not alone on this island and need to look good, Absolution Cosmetics Sweet and Safe Kiss Organic Lipstick No. 16 Rouge Coquelicot is the perfect bright red lipstick to create a stunning beauty look with just one product.’


Lilian Komor

Specialty: Organic Hair and Makeup Artist for ethical and sustainable fashion, TV and Film

Desert Island ProductRMS Buriti Bronzer. ‘It works with almost any skin tone. You can use it as a bronzer when you are lighter and as either a blush or highlight when darker. You can also use it over eyes, lips, collar bone or down the centre of the leg for extra glow. The fact it’s made with the buriti oil means it will help to nourish skin. A little goes a long way so this would last you ages as well!’


Jasmin Nova

Specialises In: Minimalist Editorial Looks

Desert Island Product: The Kjaer Weis Mascara. ‘It really is one of the few clean mascaras I’ve used that holds all day. It doesn’t give a lot of volume but it defines and coats all the lashes beautifully. Just give your lashes a quick curl and apply a couple of coats. It works well on the bottom lashes too.’


Rebecca McMahon

Specialises In: Advertising and Celebrity

Desert Island Product: The Kjaer Weis Lipstick à Deux. ‘The nude colour is gorgeous for every day; plus you could swipe a little over cheeks and eyelids. The red lipstick is a classic. It is so chic worn with minimal make-up and just a touch on the cheeks to pull the look together. I love that Kjaer Weis packaging is refillable and the compacts are truly keepsake pieces. Even on a desert island, I’d feel like I had a real piece of luxury every time I looked at it. Also, the reflective surface of the silver might help me flag down a passing plane!’



Specialises In: Beauty Editorial and Red Carpet Glam

Desert Island Product: Vapour Atmosphere Luminous Foundation. ‘ I love the Vapour Organic Cosmetics Stick Foundations for, well, … everything! It has a natural glow finish. Pat it on in areas that need more coverage. Or wear a thin veil all over as a foundation. Mix it with a bit of moisturiser or face oil for thinner coverage.’


Image: Rahs Photograph Collection, 1931

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