Christmas Guide: Organic Bath Products for Bathing Beauties & DIY Devotees

Organic Bath Products for Bathing Beauties
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Organic Bath Products for Bathing Beauties

Is there a lady in your life who struggles to incorporate an invaluable allotment of ‘me’ time into her day? Maybe you’ve noticed she’s been missing her usual yoga class, or her monthly massages have become less frequent? Luckily, for those times when she may feel like a pampering session is well beyond her reach, we’ve rounded up a selection of uplifting, detoxifying and rejuvenating organic bath products that she can delight in from the comfort of her own home.

Equilibrium Bath and Shower Essence by Therapie Roques O’Neil: For those busy bodies with only a few moments of ‘me time’ available, this elixir makes for a swift body and mind balancing treatment. All you need is a quick dry body brush before massaging the oil into your skin and jumping under heated water. The heat of the water will help activate the aroma-therapeutic benefits of the essence as you rinse yourself clean. We think this one of the great organic bath products for time-poor mums.

Sea Salt Body Scrub by Skin & Tonic: For bath-lovers that haven’t been able to indulge in bathtime for a while, this scrub is a multi-tasker that will buff away dead skin while providing moisture and nourishment. The combination of mineral-rich sea salt and organic essential oils will detoxify and leave the skin smooth and glowing.

Relax and Recover Bath Salts by Isla Apothecary: If your giftee is a fan of wellbeing retreats or embarking on the latest detox then she’ll love these salts. A synergistic blend of Rose Geranium, Bergamot and Cedarwood essential oils designed to transport the mind and body into deep relaxation.

Lavender Bathing Set by Weleda: For bathing beauties who love their bathing rituals. Lavender is soothing, calming and helps to balance the nervous system and revive spirits. This set of organic bath products makes a great gift for a loved one who deserves a relaxing bedtime treat.

Bath & Meditate Set by Incausa: To make bathing a ritual at home, this set is a great gift idea. Hand wrapped with traditional Nepalese lotka paper, this bath and meditate set comes complete with a small batch aged-Essential Oil Vegan Soap Bar, 4 Mixed handmade Breu Resin incense blends, Palo Santo hand pressed bars and a High Resin Palo Santo Wood stick.

If you ask us, no bathing ritual is complete without the application of a luxurious body oil. You’ll score points with Liha’s Idan Oil, a moisturising oil made from natural, cold pressed coconut oil into which a Tuberose flower has been immersed providing a delightful scent. Alternatively, if your giftee is really feeling the chaos of the festive season, the Salvation Body Oil by De Mamiel is a great option for combatting burnout and giving a much needed energy boost.

Add one of these naturally fragrant candles into the mix and your spa-loving giftee will be floating off to a far-off holiday destination in a state of complete bliss.

Organic Bath Products for DIY Devotees

While nothing quite beats the organic bath products perfectly formulated by one of our talented of #greenbeauty artisans, we too love a little DIY from time to time. Inspired by Liha Beauty’s recipe for the perfect homemade body lotion, we’ve rounded up some CONTENT essentials to equip DIY beauty devotees with all the ingredients to make homemade organic bath products, body butters and rescue remedies in the same fashion as a raw dessert.

Tools of the Trade:

  • Time – A Sunday afternoon should do it.
  • Containers – We like to make use of old jam jars or glass juice bottles (make sure they are sealable).
  • Bows / Ribbons – Anything you want to decorate the containers with.
  • Fresh Herbs & Flowers – For infusing.
  • Saucepan – For gently melting the butters.
  • Hand Whisk.


Choose from a base and a mood modulating add on to take your organic bath products up a notch.


  • Garden of Life Coconut Oil
  • Liha Shea Butter


  • Lavender: To de-stress and promote relaxation.
  • Lemongrass: To provoke focus and concentration.
  • Blood Orange: To relieve mental unrest.


  1. Combine 2 large tablespoons of coconut oil or shea butter with 12 drops of essential oil(s) of your choice.
  2. Add a few drops of jojoba oil or rosehip oil for bonus beauty benefits (optional).
  3. Melt together at a very low heat on your stove until blended well.
  4. When just warmed and melted, pour your organic bath products into your gift container and add any extras. We love adding fresh rose petals or sprigs of rosemary/thyme to the mixture. Not only does this look beautiful once the oil has set, but it smells divine too. Just push them towards the outer of the glass jar so they can be seen.

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