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Eve Kalinik Open House | Interview with CONTENT Beauty
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Welcome to the inaugural CONTENT Open House! Make yourself at home — we are about to give you a peek into the closets, kitchens and cabinets of people like us. For our first foray snooping (with permission, of course!) around the homes of those making waves in the natural and wellbeing worlds, we present to you Eve Kalinik. Nutritional therapist and columnist for Psychologies Magazine, Eve’s latest book Be Good To Your Gut has been one of our go-tos for cookbooks for better digestion. She opened doors, drawers and even her fridge to reveal her prized possessions to secret indulgences you’ll want to get in on too.


What is your favourite item that has been handed down to you?
Mum’s vintage Gucci logo bag.

What is the one item of clothing in your wardrobe that gets the most wear?
Has to be my Chloé boots. I wear them all year round.

 Inside the Kitchen of nutritionist Eve Kalinik – MAST chocolate and natural wine | CONTENT Open House



What’s inside your fridge right now?
Organic butter, Spenwood cheese, JARR kombucha, SYMPROVE probiotic, mix of veggies and herbs – leeks, sage, parsley, broccoli, sweet potato, cauliflower and carrots, organic duck breast and retired dairy beef steak (from my fave Coombe Farm), natural white wine, MAST goat milk chocolate, Hurdlebrook raw dairy milk, organic eggs, PLENISH almond milk, flaxseeds and Pic’s peanut butter – it’s the best!

What’s a kitchen staple or gadget you’ve become co-dependent on?
My Vitamix, hands down.

What’s your go to tipple?
Natural wine – orange if I can get my paws on it!

 Kjaer Weis Lipstick in the colour Love — nutritionist Eve Kalinik's favourite lip product | CONTENT Open House


What’s the one product you would bulk buy if you heard a rumour it was about to be discontinued?
Got to be de Mamiel Winter facial oil – it gets me through the coldest of nights.

Current favourite lip colour/product of choice?
Kjaer Weis lipstick in colour LOVE.

What products spend as much time in the shower as you do?
Rahua hair shampoo and conditioner – literally life (and frizz) changing!



Is there a “stolen book” on your shelf? From a friend, overdue library etc.?
Yes… The Four Agreements by Ruiz that a friend kindly ‘loaned’ me over 10 years ago now. The more I read it though the more it resonates so it has a very proud spot, even though it technically should have found its way back by now…

Can you show us your ‘To Read Pile’?The to read pile of books from London nutritionist Eve Kalinik | Frame by Kstudio


The last thing you read that you felt you gained life-changing information from?
The Third Plate by Dan Barber – absolutely incredible. Everyone should read that book.

Find Eve Kalinik online at

Her delicious recipe book Be Good to Your Gut is out now.