Odacite Pure Elements Launches At Content

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Treating the skin with plants has been practiced for thousands of years, with some of the most ancient civilizations utilising the medicinal & beauty enhancing properties of nature’s apothecary. Combining age-old know-how with scientific knowledge Odacite is the #greenbeauty brand or boosters you can add to any skincare regime….

A beautiful reminder of the possibility of something good emerging out of one of life’s ultimate challenges, founder Valerie Grandury launched natural skincare line Odacite after being diagnosed with cancer in 2004. Feeling the need to detoxify all aspects of her environment as a means to properly heal, Valerie quit her job in the film industry in favour of the idyllic surroundings of Topanga Canyon, California where she began training as a health and wellness coach.

It is here that Valerie developed her passion for blending her own freshly made organic skincare which she supplied to her private clients and used herself until a 2009 collaboration with Romain Galliard, an internet and business guru, saw the launch of Odacite as a global brand.

With a list of  boosters to target specific skin conditions, whether the goal is to combat mature, dry, sagging, sensitive, devitalized, oily/combination or blemished skin, the Pure Elements range offers the perfect skin prescription for all complexions.

Below we’ve provided you with a preview of products best suited to a few of the most common skin concerns we see at Content…

  • For hyperpigmentation: Helping to reduce brown spots whilst preventing the onset of pigmentation, Odacite Hyperpigmentation Booster contains Papaya Seed Oil as the star fading agent to even out patchiness and dissolve dead skin cells to reveal a glowing complexion. Order here.
  • For clogged pores: Designed to flush out pores through the active properties of Jojoba and Lavender, Odacite Clogged Pores Booster provides the natural antidote to congested skin – the perfect example of the power of plants. Order here.
  • For fragile capillaries: Featuring Apricot Oil, an ingredient used in Chinese Medicine for centuries to treat inflammatory skin disorders, Odacite Fragile Capillaries Booster is a soothing remedy for combating the appearance of broken capillaries thanks to its micro-circulation and capillary strengthening properties. Order here.
  • For sensitive skin: Formulated to help even the most sensitive of skin, the Odacite Sensitive Skin Booster features anti-inflammatory Camelina Oil paired with Chamomile and Calendula to soothe and calm irritated and reactive skin, redness and to help treat eczema the natural way. Order here.

We’ve been adding a drop (that is really all you need) to our day moisturiser or night oil and even using it ‘neat’ as a treatment for areas of pigmentation or the odd spot. Stay tuned for more tips in our exclusive interview with the founder Valerie Grandury coming soon…..