Meet the Maker: Therapi Honey Skincare

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We have an exciting #organicbeauty weekend launch today from the new UK Soil Association certified organic skincare brand, Therapi Honey Skincare.

It’s no secret that the team at Content are keen on honey. We use it in our facials and sell several kinds for take home treatments. But now the slightly messy business of using honey as part of your skincare regime at home, has been made a little easier by Therapi Honey Skincare. Comprised of Cleansers, Toners, Moisturisers and an ultra-luxurious Treatment Cream, it has been created to suit 3 core skin types, combining the therapeutic benefits of honey, age-defying propolis and bioactive plant extracts from Rose Otto, Orange Blossom and Lemon Myrtle to nourish and revitalise your skin.

Tanya-WEBThe founder, Tanya Hawkes, is one 0f the countries most dedicated apiarists and has been involved in nature conservation for many years. With this nature knowledge she has created a delightfully therapeutic range to suit all skin types and Eco-credentials. We spoke to Tanya about what inspired the range and asked her for her pick of the range.

What lead you to create the range? I was inspired to create Therapi Honey Skincare after a lifetime spent studying the ability of honeybees to transform floral nectar, botanical resins and plant essences into natural medicines and super-foods. My dream was to create a range of pure and gentle organic products using these amazing ingredients and also to champion the bees – Nature’s extraordinary alchemists.

In your years of research and working with honey what are the key benefits you particularly love? Honey is such a pure and effective ingredient to use in skincare. It is routinely used in medical dressings to prevent infection and assist with tissue repair. It contains vitamins, minerals and enzymes, so works brilliantly to nourish and purify the skin. Its ability to attract and hold water makes it a natural humectant. We also use propolis in the range; this a rare compound produced by bees, which is packed with anti-oxidant flavonoids. Recent scientific research has shown that it assists with the synthesis of elastin and collagen, to promote vital younger-looking skin.

Bee conservation is very topical at the moment. Is using skincare based on honey beneficial for the conservation of the bee population? My background is in nature conservation and I have been a beekeeper for more than 25 years, so bee conservation is a key part of our activities. From a conservation perspective, highlighting the importance of honey as a valuable raw material strengthens the economic argument for protecting wildflower foraging habitat for bees, as well as promoting biodiversity and organic farming. Biodiversity is key not just to a healthy bee population but also to a healthy planet. We give a minimum of 5% of our profits to support bee conservation.

If you were to choose one favourite product from the range which would it be? All our products are amazing! I use the honey gel cleansers morning and night; they are made with lots of honey, so leave my skin feeling really clean but without stripping away all the natural oils. The toners are multi-tasking and are a great skin tonic when you’re on the go; I keep one in my handbag and even spray it on my hair when it looks dry and fly away. Our honey moisturisers are made with pure concentrated goodness and work in natural harmony with all skin types; a tiny amount works wonders. If I had to choose one product I wouldn’t be without, it’s the Propolis + Ultra Radiance Cream. As someone who has mature and hyper-sensitive skin, it is my salvation and it has a wonderful honey smell. It is extremely rich and nourishing, so can also be used as a night treatment cream.

Why was it important for you to certify the range organic? We live on an increasingly fragile planet and it is our aim to do as much as we can to reverse the decline in bee numbers and the loss of biodiversity. We have chosen to work with the Soil Association for organic certification because they set the highest standards for the entire ‘soil to skin’ chain. Organic farms support 50% more wildlife, with 30% more species; that’s more birds, butterflies, beetles, bats wildflowers and of course bees. Our products contain up to 99% organically certified ingredients. We only use non-organic when there is no equivalent organic option available.

To celebrate Soil Association #organicbeauty Weekend we will be giving away a FREE mini pot of beautiful Cotswold’s Honey with every Therapi purchase made from Friday Sept 6th – 9th. Limited to one per person and added to online orders at despatch – no code needed.