New Launch: The Pai Skincare Organic Serums Arrive and We Love Them!

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So before we tell you about this new launch, a quick beauty product lesson. If your skin needs surface moisture you need a moisturiser (stick with us…..), but if you’re looking for targeted results – maybe a spot treatment or a hand sorting out dehydrated skin – serums are where its at. The two of course go together, one targets the surface while the other is targeting the deeper layers of the skin. So while your moisturiser may have some clever anti-ageing or targeted ingredients, the higher concentration of active ingredients will be in a serum.

Formulating serums is tricky, they need to have a light texture to transfer the key ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin and not keep them trapped on the surface. Add to that a certified organic requirement (and we’re not talking some token organic ingredient here – we’re talking 70% and upwards) and you have a beauty recipe that would give even the most experienced cosmetic formulator nightmares. Bear all this in mind and you will see why we are so excited that one of our favourite selections of organic moisturisers now has organic serums to match.

After 3 years of research and diligent formulating Pai Skincare have launched their much-anticipated serums and they are available here, now! As the most targeted treatment products in the range, the two serums have been designed to provide a natural solution for either skin prone to redness and Rosacea or combination/oily spot-prone skin. How you ask? Clever organic ingredients of course….

First up, for those prone to ruddy cheeks or general redness and sensitivity you will love the Sea Aster & Wild Oat Instant Calm Redness Serum. Formulated to restore calm to hyper-sensitive skin, this new addition to Pai’s Instant Calm range gains its skin calming credentials from Sea Aster, a species of plant native to Northern Europe shown to hinder the release of the molecules that cause skin to ‘flare’ and ‘flush’. This has been combined with Wild Oat, renowned for its ability to soothe skin with reactive tendencies – for anyone who has ever had eczema, this will make sense as they are more than likely to be familiar with the ‘oat bath’ remedy for soothing reactive skin.

The second serum is for all those prone to spots and oiliness. Whether it be the odd hormonal spot, food intolerance related spot or acne, you’ll want to keep the Copaiba & Zinc Perfect Balance Blemish Serum in the ‘beauty first-aid’ section of your bathroom cabinet.

This serum works on two key areas. Firstly, it works wonders to reduce excess sebum and shine, leaving a comfortable matte finish and makes a great make-up base for oily skin. Secondly, it contains a triple-action – anti-bacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory – nutrient complex of Copaiba, Acai and Andiroba, three plant derived compounds from the Amazon rainforest. These combine with Zinc to improve the appearance of persistent blemishes, reduce excess sebum production, blackheads and congestion.

How To Use: Serums can be used morning and night but if you prefer to do one or the other, night time is the best time. First double cleanse – the best method for end of the day cleansing to ensure you have lifted all the make-up and pollution from your skin. Next, spritz the skin with your favourite Pai BioAffinity Skin Tonic. These serums spread well so you only need the one pump. For those that have the time (and we think you should make the time – it might just be the only few minutes you have to yourself in the day) warm your serum of choice in the palm of your hand with clean fingertips and apply to the centre of the face working outwards with light pressing motions. Otherwise, massage it on to the skin in as much time as you have! If skin is particularly dry, follow with 1-2 pumps of your favourite Pai Moisturiser.

How have we been using them? Actually, we’ve been using both on different areas on the face and after one week of use, can’t quite imagine not having them both to hand. For those that have sensitive skin, prone to the odd bout of spots, try using the Instant Calm Serum on cheeks and spot-free areas. Then use the Perfect Balance Serum on spot-prone areas such as nose, chin and jawline. We also used this as a treatment on a stubborn red mark which remained after a spot and was impressed with how quickly it helped heal and fade the mark – we will be definitely keeping this one on hand to zap any future breakouts.

We Love: The addition of Hyaluronic Acid in both serums. Look for this ingredient in any serum you purchase, the list of skin benefits is impressive, but going into Winter its great for locking moisture into skin cells keeping it hydrated when skin is subjected to the alternating temperatures of central heating and the cold outdoors. You can read more about Hyaluronic Acid here.

We think these are going to be a hit with those already using Pai Skincare and a great introduction to the brand for those who want to try something new.