New Habits: Detox Kitchen’s Lily Simpson on her lunch rituals

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Lunch is one of the most precious times in the work week – a chance to step back, fuel up and ready yourself for the rest of your day – on an ideal day at least. One of our absolute favourite places to eat in London is The Detox Kitchen. For lunch, breakfast and dinner if we could! When thinking about how to get the most out of this midday pause, we knew we had to speak to Lily Simpson, founder of The Detox Kitchen and author of The Detox Kitchen Bible, a must-have cookbook. Here’s a look at Lily’s lunchtime ritual, chock full of habits we’ll be adopting, and you’ll want to too.

As a business owner and mother, lunchtime must be a well-deserved break in your day. Can you walk us through your ideal lunchtime ritual when at the office?

My office is at our central kitchen and every lunch is a feast. Each day a chef will be in charge of making lunch for all the staff and it’s usually a big spread of salads and a stew or soup during the winter months. We always make time to switch off at lunch in the office and kitchen.

As one of our favourite places to lunch, what do you reach for if you have to grab and go?

This will undoubtedly sound like a plug but I only really eat Detox Kitchen when I’m in town and need a quick lunch. I always like to know how my food has been cooked so there’s nothing better that eating at my own deli. If I’m not in Soho or Fitzrovia then I love Ottolenghi salads. L’ETO do a good range too.

What do you find is the most helpful food combination for avoiding an afternoon slump?

Definitely go for a grain with salad. A quinoa salad is always my go to salad at home. I tend not to eat meat in the day as I always have that in the evening with my husband.

What is your go-to lunchtime recipe?

Quinoa, avocado and cashew nut salad. (Ed. note: Get the recipe here.)

And to drink alongside?

I tend to drink tea with everything. Mostly peppermint, sometimes builders!

Are there any movement or mood rituals you practice at lunch?

Just switching off for at least 20 minutes to enjoy my food is enough to brighten my mood.

If you could only recommend one thing to someone wishing to cultivate a good lunchtime ritual, what would it be?

If you want to eat healthily, prepping food is important but adding fresh ingredients is also key. So prep some grains and toast some nuts the night before but add fresh ingredients when you’re ready to eat them. And always put down your phone when you’re eating. It’s important to be conscious of the food you eat and you will definitely enjoy it more.

Don’t miss Lily’s go-to lunchtime salad recipe. You can find her online at The Detox Kitchen.

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