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Whether on the track, on the mat or in the office, Four Sigma Foods new range of Mind and Sport Herbs have been formulated to give you an all-natural mental and body boost. Featuring a range of some of the worlds most potent adaptogenic herbs – a branch of plant species that possess the ability to assist us in adapting to stress, support normal metabolic processes and regulate the systems of the body – these effective herbal supplements support optimum health and daily thriving!

Unlike stimulants such as caffeine or sugar which the majority reach for when they need a quick-fix or pick me up, adaptogens don’t overstimulate the nervous system which almost always leads to that dreaded crash. Instead, adaptogens rejuvenate the body and stabilise peak performance levels of both the body and mind.

Mind Herbs
Calm inducing, balance restoring and created to unleash hidden cognitive abilities – Four Sigma Foods Mind Herbs have been formulated to tone your mind and body through the combination of all-natural adaptogenic herbs Siberian Ginseng, Gotu Kola, Goji berries and Ahwagandha. Assisting in the improvement of memory and learning function, Mind Herbs also work to provide all-natural support when performing a strenuous mental task or when faced with anxiety or stress.

Sport Herbs
The Sport Herbs blend has been specifically formulated for use in conjunction with exercise. Created to increase stamina by boosting blood and oxygen flow thanks to the host of nervous system stimulating adoptogenic herbs schisandra, goji, rhodiola and eleuthero which promotes an instant boost of energy pre-workout whilst warding off exhaustion and allowing you to go that extra mile if consumed during exercise.

Effective and easy-to-use, these powder sticks can be easily dissolved into a bottle of cold water, added to a smoothie or poured straight into your mouth in times of need! Stay tuned for our favourite Summer recipes from Four Sigma Foods featuring the range over the next few weeks.