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Suffering from dry, sensitive or chapped skin? You’re not alone. The colder months can be particularly hard on skin, especially when surrounded by central heating, a factor that exacerbates dry skin as much as winter frost and wind. When dryness strikes, we like to give our skin the ultimate in rehydration – an overnight natural face mask. Choose your natural face mask correctly and this simple trick will help restore soft skin from the comfort of your home.

Natural Face Mask for Dehydrated, Distressed Skin

Highly concentrated, yet lightweight moisturising mask, the Nuori Supreme Moisture Mask effectively restores moisture levels, strengthens the skin’s barrier function and reduces irritation. Packed full of regenerative ingredients such as grape and damask rose waters, it also contains Vitamin B3 to revive skin tone, improve elasticity and prevent moisture loss. Three to four pumps distributed generously over the face and left on over night will do the trick.

Natural Face Mask for Calming Sensitive, Chapped Skin

Designed to deeply moisturise and refine the skin’s texture to reveal a silky soft, refreshed glow, the AMALA Hydrating Yoghurt Mask contains ultra-hydrating plant-based ingredients such as macadamia nut, wild rose and jasmine along with one of nature’s best skin ingredients – rich yoghurt derived from organic milk (just make sure you’re not allergic to dairy!). Included to help promote cell renewal and protect against environmental damage, the delicate formula of this organic face mask makes it particularly beneficial in reducing redness and soothing irritated winter skin.

Natural Face Mask for Anti-Ageing Benefits

Created to hydrate, replenish and plump dehydrated skin, the Absolution Le Soin Repulant Mask features a host of skin-plumping ingredients such as Silver Ear, a Chinese mushroom renowned for its beautifying effects; extract of young Alfalfa shoots, which contain Vitamin U to promote epidermal growth; and Beech Buds to increase oxygenation of cells. Dryness and dehydration can exacerbate the appearance of fine lines so this all-natural skin saviour is great for those wanting to plump up the odd line.

Natural Face Mask for Best Instant Fix

For those in need of a ‘miracle cure’, Tata Harper’s Moisturising Mask is the treatment for you. Providing long-lasting moisture to even the most dehydrated skin, this organic mask combines Cameilla, Coconut and Olive oils with the skin tissue-promoting, wound healing-accelerating and anti-inflammatory benefits of Tamanu. Further enriched by the antioxidant properties of Cacao and Beet Extract and the inclusion of naturally derived Hyaluronic Acid, this fast working, gentle yet effective treatment promotes immediate retention of moisture from deep within the skin cells.

While anyone one of these organic face masks will be a welcome addition to a winter beauty regime, they also make the perfect travel companion on a long haul flight. Pack one in your carry on luggage and apply a layer (we promise no one will notice, all masks dry clear!) and get skin back to its pre-winter state pronto.

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