Kick Your Habit With These Natural Coffee Alternatives

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Seeking to kick a caffeine habit or just looking for some natural coffee alternatives to sub in from time to time? We all have long days at work when grabbing a coffee seems the only way to get through – but it isn’t! We have found that hot beverages that are matcha- or cacao-based make for good pick-me-ups, while natural supplements are also effective for extra pep. Discover our top natural coffee alternatives to jump start your energy while also nourishing mind and body… Without any of the jitters.

Natural Coffee Alternatives to Sip On

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Hot Cacao Mix

Get balanced, long-term energy from this mix, where cacao has been blended with Cordyceps mushroom. With a delicious, earthy yet chocolatey flavour, additional ingredients like Guarana and Cayenne Pepper (plus a touch of coconut sugar for a sweet contrast) enhance the energising properties of this mix. Mix the powder with your choice of milk (almond milk is our fave) and drink up.

The Cacao Club for Brain Power & Focus

A hot chocolate on steroids, this cacao disk melts down into a delicious and rich hot drink. Naturally mood-boosting and energising cacao has been mixed with adaptogenic herbs – Brahmi, Sage, and Rosemary – to promote focus and enhance brain function. Melt the disk into liquid in a saucepan then add steaming fluffy milk for the ultimate tonic. Each disk will make two strong or four mild drinks so can be rationed out across your working week.

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Matcha Mix

Kickstart your day with this superfood matcha mix. Yes, matcha still contains caffeine, but it also contains L-theanine which is a relaxing amino acid that provides balanced energy rather than the jitters you might experience following a coffee. Matcha is pretty special in that it will energise you but also provide calm and focus all in one. The ginger provides further benefits for digestion (and taste!), while the powerful adaptogen Astragalus helps protect the body from stress. We love to drink matcha in the form of a latte with hot water and milk.

Ukiyo Blueberry Ginseng Matcha

Another matcha mix, the Ukiyo Blueberry Ginseng Matcha is a mindful start to the day. Matcha is grown in Japan, where it has been used for centuries as a natural herbal remedy – to boost metabolism, relieve stress, and increase focus and energy while keeping you calm. This matcha mix contains an array of herbs, including Yerba Mate and Siberian Ginseng, to provide a fresh twist. Make into a matcha latte as above, or alternatively add a heaped tablespoon to your green smoothie. Thank you very matcha!

Colonna Compostable Coffee Capsules

If you simply can’t say no to a morning coffee, opt for these Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules that are fully compostable, as well as providing optimal extracting brewing quality. Both the capsule and the packet within which it is held can simply be put in with your food compost once you’re done.

Natural Coffee Alternatives to Supplement With

The Nue Co Power Up

Otherwise known as “an espresso minus the jitters”. The Nue Co Power Up’s benefits really live up to its name, with a natural caffeine hit from Brazilian Guarana teamed with adaptogenic maca and antioxidant-rich goji berry. This carefully thought out formulation works to calm and stabilise while boosting energy and focus. Pop a spoonful in your daily smoothie or mix it straight with your favourite milk into a yummy fruit drink.

Biocol Labs Something for the Knackered

If you simply can’t face hot beverages unless it’s a coffee, skip them altogether and instead try a ‘Something for the Knackered’ supplement. This food supplement is full of magnesium, which helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue, as well as ginseng, which contributes to a feeling of vitality. It has been formulated to reduce tiredness while rebooting your brain, so is best taken in the morning to keep you going for the whole day.

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