Natural Cleansing Tips for Oily Skin

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If you have oily skin, or suffer from blemishes, you might be a bit overwhelmed at the amount of advice out there for getting your best skin. There are myths surrounding this skin type – one being that foaming cleansers are best for oily skin.

Maybe not. Cleansers with conventional foaming agents may be upsetting the skin’s protective layer, the acid mantle, and signalling to the skin to produce more oil. Stripping back the sebum can trigger a cycle where your skin overproduces oil to compensate for what you have removed. Actually switching to an oil cleanser that emulsifies with water may help. Try to ditch the habit of that ‘squeaky clean’ feeling after cleansing – if it feels taut, you have gone a too far.

The main issue for oily skin type is the oil and it’s one of the easiest skin types to identify, as you can literally see the type. Spots most commonly join this oily skin type too so having the correct skincare products is helpful. In this post we look as some of the best ways to cleanse oily skin – an important step.

Natural Cleansing Tips for Oily Skin

Try jojoba oil as a first cleanser/make-up remover – it will remove dirt without stripping the skin. Then switch to a cleansing gel or light emulsifying oil but remember you want your skin to feel clean, but not ‘squeaky clean’. Apply your cleanser and remove with warm, damp cotton pads or a muslin cloth working from the clearest area of your skin and ending your cleansing with the area that is most spot prone.

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Keep Your Hands Clean

Remember to wash your hands before you wash your face to minimise bacteria transfer. We also often don’t realise how often we touch our face throughout the day transferring dirt to our face. If your have oily, spot prone skin keep an antibacterial hand sanitiser at your desk and in your bag to keep hands clean, while you try and break the habit of touching your face.

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Toners As Treatments

Adding one of these to your cleansing routine can be a useful step for oily skin. Look for products featuring willow bark, which contains naturally occurring Salicylic Acid. This helps unblock pores and gently dissolves skin cell build-up. Witch hazel is also soothing for this skin type.

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Parts of this post were adapted from sections of The Nature of Beauty book by CONTENT founder Imelda Burke.

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