Natural Brows: A Guide To Doing It Yourself At Home

Natural Brows Home
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For some of us, it has always been and always will be all about natural brows, but now and then a little tame, shape and condition is not without its (face-shaping) merits. For a more lo-fi approach (always our preference – we have books to read and need to work out how to save the planet from plastic), get our guide below to some of our favourite brow focused products.

Natural Brows At Home


One beauty industry ‘rule’ is that we should care for our brows in the same way we would care for our skin or hair. If you find your brows thinning or you want to promote growth, a little of the right oil can go a long way. Alchemy Oils Peppermint Brow Remedy is an all-natural blend that can be used on a daily basis. It contains Avocado, Argan and Coconut Oils which help to condition and tame the hairs you have, while Peppermint Oil is said to stimulate growth. If you are looking for a slightly different texture (balm-like) or a multi-purpose product, the Bybi Beauty Babe Balm will soften, smooth and hydrate your skin and hair – and doubles as a highlighter.


Old trick but worth a mention… The best time to pluck your eyebrows is just after a hot shower (or steaming the area with a warm cloth). The warm water relaxes your skin and opens the hair follicles. This will make it less painful and a smidgen easier. And stop tweezing sooner rather than later –  just tidy rather than give into temptation and over arch.

Enhance & Colour

Ok, so, if you are adding this step it’s all about the short dash line not the drawn on solid graphic line. For a natural look you are filling in not drawing on. You want to look like the pencil line is a ‘dash of hair’.  Then blend it in with either the Ecotools Brow Shaping Duo or Lily Lolo Angled Brow Brush. Try an Alima Pure Natural Definition Brow Pencil, which comes in 3 shades, or the Inika Certified Organic Brow Pencil. Or go for fail-safe application and try the Inika Brow Define Palette, which includes two naturally pressed powders, wax and brushes to shape the brows. The Inika Brow Perfector has a dual-sided brush for precise application, ideal for shaping different brow looks.

It’s funny how these non-essential little make-up tricks can make you feel ready to face the world… But sometimes they just do!

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