WINTER ATTUNEMENT: How to Hibernate With Our Natural Beauty

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With winter in full swing, we’ve put together a selection of our favourite natural beauty tinctures, therapies, recipes, tips and activities to inspire you to align body, mind and skin with the snowy season. So curl up next to a blazing fire, grab yourself a glass of our Winter Warmer Vanilla Smoothie and read on…

Winter Natural Beauty

Suffering from a case of winter skin that is dry or dehydrated, tight and uncomfortable? We’ve called on our natural beauty experts to help us tackle the winter months and bring to you all things winter-skin health. Keep your skin soft and supple with our SOS winter skin tips:

• Check out our favourite natural beauty products to quench dehydrated skin in winter here.

• Get our five organic skincare tips for dry skin here.

• Brush up on your dry body brushing skills by following this guide.

• Ban dry, chapped winter lips with our tips for lips.

• Combat winter-weary hands and keep them soft with these tips.

• Give your skin the ultimate in hydration with an organic overnight face mask.

• Just like your face needs a winter regimen update, so does your body. Nourish it with our pick of natural body balms.

Combatting Dry Skin

Give skin some TLC

If you feel as though your complexion is pale and your skin is scaly, flaky or dry, some TLC around the most susceptible areas (in most cases lips, eyes and hands) will instantly make you feel hydrated and refreshed. Try one of the moisturising masks from our guide for an instant dose of skin-loving rehydration.

Cleanse efficiently

Do so with a quality organic muslin cloth. The special criss-cross design of the weave will gently remove dry, dead skin.

Lock in moisture

Apply 3 drops of an organic facial oil to the face and décolleté before getting in the shower or bath. This will minimise moisture loss and redness. The just-launched, seasonal De Mamiel Winter Facial Oil has been specially formulated to reduce redness, relieve sensitivity and prevent that persistent winter dryness that many of us experience alongside the season. It contains a blend of flower essences and essential oils to soothe a winter worn complexion and work through the body’s acupuncture meridians to positively alter mood and state of mind. It is a great natural way to help alleviate the winter blues.

Winter Wellbeing

Mind & Soul

Yoga is one of our favourite ways to keep warm in the depths of winter. Aum Aromatherapy body oils and mists complement our yoga practice, helping us to relax our mind, open up breathing and calm the nervous system. Burning incense can also be a great way to still the mind. Certain incense aromas – such as those offered by Incausa – have a calming effect and help to relieve built up tension in the muscles.


Whilst darker mornings and evenings make early morning and post-work workouts seem a little daunting, it needn’t be that way, especially if you’re aware of the wonders that outdoor exercise has on your skin. We’re sure all #GreenBeauty winter outdoor exercisers will agree – the rosy glow after-effect that follows a brisk outdoor workout makes it all the worthwhile. If this isn’t enough to get you inspired, increased circulation (also known as the thermic effect) that results from brisk movement revs up the metabolism, aids in digestion and increases energy and alertness thanks to the increased supply of fresh oxygen. All the more reason to get outdoors this winter!


A winter supplement regime can help keep you healthy during cold and flu season. Taking the Wild Nutrition Immune Support daily and sipping on a cup of Four Sigmatic Instant Chaga Elixir Mix will support your immune system, as will a daily dose of Vitamin C. The Synergy Co. Pure Radiance C can be easily mixed with your morning water, juice or yoghurt. It is made from powdered fruits that are high in Vitamin C, meaning it is food-state. Don’t panic if you haven’t managed to dodge the lurgies. The optimised mixture of shiitake, echinacea and copper in Biocol Labs ‘Something for Achoos’ will support your immune system as it fights a cold. While you wait, the Isla Apothecary Reset Ritual Pulse Point Therapy offers relief to cold and flu symptoms, including sneezing, congested sinuses and headaches.


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