The Natural Beauty BFFs You Need On Speed Dial

The best natural beauty product pairings
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Lots of natural beauty BFFs have been made on the shop floor at the CONTENT London store. Be it an organic beauty product pairing that changed your life or the fellow natural beauties you’ve struck up a conversation with – sometimes things are just made to be together.

If you’ve ever matched an organic beauty product with another and seen a serious uptick result, you’ll know what we are talking about. If not, grab some inspiration from the below list of the winning combinations we have come across over the years. From organic skincare best friends to natural cosmetic dynamic duos.

Read on for some of our favourite beauty pairings:

Cleansing Partners

Therapi Lemon Myrtle Honey Gel Cleanser + Konjac Sponge: It’s all about plant power with this organic beauty product pairing. Make that clarifying step two of your double cleanse go further. Massage in this lemon myrtle and grapefruit natural face wash with an environmentally-friendly sponge. It’s compostable after you’ve finished with it!

May Lindstrom The Clean Dirt + May Lindstrom The Jasmine Garden Mist: You know that feeling when you just get each other? Follow up your exfoliating pamper session with The Clean Dirt with a generous spritz of Jasmine Garden and you’ll see how truly balanced your skin can feel.

Skin & Tonic Calm CleanSkin & Tonic Rose Mist: Their bestselling Rose Mist really gets along with everyone but we particularly love pairing it with the Calm Clean cleanser. It locks in moisture after you’ve melt away the day with blue chamomile, English lavender organic and jasmine sambac oil.

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask + Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser: This is Tata’s personal #1 trick for a healthy glow! Add a thick layer of the mask over the cleanser that’s been massaged into dry skin. Leave for 5 minutes, and you’ll get the benefits of dual action manual and enzyme exfoliation.

When Serum Met Moisturiser

Twelve Ideal Rebalancing Serum + Twelve Essential Bio-Technological Moisturiser: For sensitive skin types who stick together. Keep pore size and shine in check with this natural oil free serum that loves oily, combination and younger skin. Following with the hyaluronic acid packed day cream means smooth skin sailing from there!

Kypris Serums + Kypris Beauty Elixirs: Consider each of organic beauty products in this range part of your mix-and-match skincare BFF squad. Use these elixir face oils as a base to mix one of the Kypris Serums into – let your skins’s mood guide you. Try ending your day layering Elixir III – Prismatic Array oil on top of Moonlight Catalyst serum to revitalise skin as you slumber. See our detailed guide to Kypris Elixirs here.

Complexion Companions

Kjaer Weis The Beautiful OilKjaer Weis Cream Foundation: The ultimate bestie for your semi matte organic foundation, The Beautiful Oil was formulated as the ultimate base for pristine make-up application. Get that lit-from-within look with this winning natural beauty product combination.

RMS Beauty Cream Eye Polish + RMS Beauty Eye Polish Brush: Pair this animal hair free and vegan friendly brush with all RMS Beauty cream eye shadows. Designed by founder Rose-Marie Swift, this rounded brush gets into every angle of the eyelid. Say hello to longer-lasting wear and cream shadow blending made easy!

Lily Lolo Lip PencilLily Lolo Lipstick: Keep these two side by side to keep you lips colourful. The smooth and creamy cruelty free lip pencils will help keep your all natural lipstick vibrant and prevent feathering during wear.

Mane Mates

John Masters Dry Hair Nourishment & DefrizzerJohn Masters Volumizing Foam: Give yourself the ultimate hair pampering treatment by this certified organic beauty product as a hot oil treatment. After you’ve washed out the vegan and organic hair treatment oil, blow dry with the volumising foam for seriously silky, full hair.

Less Is More Rose SerumLess Is More Muscobadogel: To get bundled, shining curls, add a drop of Rose Serum to this certified organic hair gel. Apply to wet hair for strong hold but with hair that still feels soft to the touch.

Body Besties

Tata Harper Smoothing Body ScrubTata Harper Redefining Body Balm: These friends know how to look after each other. After you’ve rinsed off this seriously luxurious rejuvenating body scrub made with biodegradable exfoliating particles, lock in hydration. The body balm is specifically targeted to give the skin a firm, fortified appearance.

The Nue Co Plant Protein And Gut Food + The Nue Co Booster: A certified organic beauty product to address your body’s needs from the inside out. When getting your vegan protein into a glass of almond milk or smoothie, tailor it by adding Skin Food booster for promoting good gut health or Energy Food for a  hormone-balancing pick me up.

Lotus Wei Mists + Lotus Wei Anointing Oil Rollerballs: These scent sisters will perk you up wherever you might be. The mist is great desk side spritz or at home fragrance. Then when on the go, these sustainably harvested flower essences are only arms length away in your bag with a quick rollerball application.

Find these and more natural & botanical besties at our Organic Beauty Online Store