How To Multi-Mask With MV Organic Skincare

Multi-masking MV Organic Skincare Mask Trio
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Multi-masking is a buzz term we can get behind. Exclusive to Content, MV Organic Skincare has released a new Mineral Mask Trio that’s ideal for one of our favourite weekend rituals, multi-masking. Three beautiful masks in one pack – Energising, Signature and Purifying & Balancing – means there’s no need to choose which MV Skincare mask to experiment with first.

Use all three to zone your at-home treatment and create a facial ritual that covers a range of skin concerns from dryness to sensitivity, breakouts to shine. Ready to get multi-masking?

How to start multi-masking

While each one of these masks is great to use alone, we are fans of multi-masking as it does away with the old one-size-fits all approach of a full face mask. The idea  is to use a range of masks target the different skin concerns that arise across the face from cheek dryness, to breakouts on the chin or an oily nose. If you’re already a multi-masking expert, these three masks are an easy way to test the full MV Organic Skincare mask range.

For your multi-masking ritual, mix a small amount of each mask separately. Brush the Energising Mask across areas like the forehead that might be sun-damaged. Apply the Signature Mask around more sensitive areas – we like using it on the cheeks and neck. The Purifying and Balancing Mask is ideal for oilier and more congested areas like the nose or chin any blemish areas.

Remove with warm water before the masks dry – you want to avoid letting the mask dry as it draws the moisture out of your skin. Then finish with the Rose Soothing & Protective Moisturiser. Inhale its organic rose scent to complete your ritual.

Your instant ritual includes

  • Mask brush for easy blending & seamless application
  • 30g Energising Mineral Mask
  • 30g Signature Mineral Mask
  • 30g Purifying & Balancing Mask
  • Gift with purchase offer – receive a 5g Rose Soothing & Protective Moisturiser inside every Mineral Mask Trio

More from MV Organic Skincare

There’s a lot of love for the MV Organic Skincare masks at Content. We’ve also introduced two new Energizing Mask packs – the first, a starter or gift set with bowl and brush, the second a 100g pack.

The Energizing Mask is ideal for summer, as it’s targeted at devitalised and sun-damaged skins. This mask gives circulation a kick-start, it refines skin texture and delivers a healthy glow to the skin. A wonderful multi-tasker, INCI fans will note that it includes Superfine White Clay (Kaolin) and Yellow Clay (Illite).

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