MONTHLY MAKE-UP: Tips For Banishing Dark Circles with Organic Make-Up.

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LouiseDartford01This month organic make up expert Lou Dartford talks under eye concealers and her picks for the best natural and organic concealers for hiding your dark circles….

The skin under our eyes is thinner and a lot more delicate than the rest of our face. Whether due to lack of sleep, diet or simply down to genetics dark circles are a common problem. Choosing the right under eye concealer can help disguise them which in turn brightens up the whole complexion. The skin also tends to be drier so make sure you go for creamy formulations and use a good eye cream prior to application. My picks of the best organic make-up has to offer include…

Jane Iredale Circle and Delete
This duo of colours is great if you are very dark under your eyes. Number 2 includes a peach colour corrector which will help cancel out any discolouration. Apply a fine layer of the peach first and then go over it with the second colour to blend into the skin. ‘Press’ the product into the skin rather than rubbing, this will help conceal more and use less product. Number 1 has two shades that can be mixed together to create your own blend. With a small brush set the concealer with a lightweight powder such as the RMS Beauty ‘Un’ Powder or W3LL People Realist X. This will make it last longer and help stop any creasing.

Vapour Illusionist Concealer
There is a very small amount of mica in this stick concealer, which makes it perfect for brightening under the eyes. It is also great for brightening dark shadows around the nose and sides of the mouth. Warm it up on the back of your hand before applying with your fingers or with a brush for more precision. When concealing under the eyes you can afford to go half a shade lighter than your foundation, this will help to brighten up any darkness.

RMS ‘Un’ Cover Up
Coconut, castor seed and jojoba oil are among the ingredients that make this concealer perfect for around the eyes, anything too dry can actually enhance things like fine lines. Apply with your ring finger or a brush, patting it onto the skin to build the coverage as you need it, rather than rubbing which can pull and damage the delicate skin. Don’t use too much, two fine layers are better than one thick layer. Set with a touch of the mineral powder.

Jane Iredale Active Light
This has a lot less coverage so is great for people who have just a small amount of concealing to do. Formulated to be a natural alternative for Touche Eclat, if you have lot of darkness it can be used in conjunction with a fuller coverage concealer. Just apply Active Light over the top to help reflect light and make the area brighter.


CONCEALER-IMAGEWhen applying concealer under your eyes, take a moment to really look at where it is needed. Too much product can sometimes draw attention to the issue. Prep the skin with a good eye cream and then follow this guide….

Apply a dot to the outer corner of the eye – most people have a little discolouration here and a little concealer can lift the eye.

Apply a dot to the inner corners of the eye, dark shadows can actually start here so putting concealer can make a big difference in diffusing them.

Then apply more dots following the bottom line of the shadow, with a brush or finger blend along the line, then up towards the eye, taking the excess along the lower lashes if needed.

Apply more if needed, remembering that building fine layers will look more natural and have more longevity than one thick layer. If needed use a small brush and set the concealer with a lightweight powder such as the RMS Beauty ‘Un’ Powder or W3LL People Realist X.