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Modern Botany deodorant
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New and exclusive to CONTENT, the first launch from Ireland’s Modern Botany is a fresh take on natural body care. At once a natural deodorant, Modern Botany Deodorant is also a unisex scented body spray with eleven essential oils including lemon tea tree, sandalwood, frankincense, Atlantic cedar wood, eucalyptus and vetivert. We can smell the Atlantic freshness from here.


Developed by John Murray, CEO, and supported by Pharmacognosist, Dr. Simon Jackson, the Irish brand focuses on pharmacognosy — the study of medicines from plants and natural environments. The duo has chosen to start out with that daily essential that most of us reach for after our shower – deodorant. Promising to offer accessible high quality natural products made with medicinal grade ingredients accessible, they place inclusivity and education at the heart of the brand.

“We wanted to launch the brand with a natural deodorant, as we want to create effective natural alternatives that elevate functional products in the personal care category. The consumer is seeking these products and we want to answer their needs. We want to help simplify consumer routines, and ensure they have accessible products that really do what they say they will,” Dr Simon Jackson told CONTENT.

Modern Botany deodorant features biologically active ingredients, which have medical or pharmaceutical benefits that are pharmacopoeia grade (government standard). Sourced from across the world for their specific and highly potent properties, they have been discovered through more than 20 years of worldwide expeditions and research, collaborating with formulation scientists and traditional healers.

Modern Botany’s new deodorant which is made in Cork, offers something different because of the way it uses Witch Hazel to reduce pore size.


Witch hazel, a natural astringent, is teamed with alcohol – the carrier that delivers the antibacterial ingredients to the pores. This combination in the Modern Botany Deodorant allows the body to sweat and release toxins – a natural and healthy function which shouldn’t be blocked – whilst aiming to reduce the amount of perspiration.

Dr Jackson told CONTENT: “Normally a solvent is used to get the antibacterial agent to the skin and into the pores, what we have done is used a blend of alcohol and witch hazel, the alcohol is the solvent used to get to the skin and the pores, it evaporates quickly so no wetness and no chemical reside, the witch hazel as mentioned contains an active compound called hamamelitannin, which closes the pores, it doesn’t stop you from sweating like Aluminium salts do, but the witch hazel is more natural approach and tightens the skin, so you sweat less. The primary active chemical constituent in H. virginiana bark is the hydrolyzable tannin hamamelitannin (4.77%), with decreasing amounts of gallic acid (0.59%), (+)-gallocatechin (0.22%), and (+)-catechin (0.39%), as well as flavonols and proanthocyanidins.”

We think that Dr Jackson’s extensive research into the action of the ingredients make this deodorant one you’ve got to try. *Ships within UK only due to alcohol content.

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