Meet The Maker: Stacy Anderson From Kent Woman

Stacy Anderson Kent Woman
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Kent Woman is a natural collection of organic sleepwear and loungewear designed and produced in Los Angeles with low impact and organic dyes, and a fair and transparent supply chain. Kent Woman believes that apparel close to the skin should be about style and self-love, and that’s why they use only the finest organic materials and craftsmanship that complements, rather than competes with the female form.

Meet the woman behind the brand, Stacy Anderson below for an inside exclusive on her strong female ethos and her favourite night-time ritual.

We have been in love with Kent Woman for some time now, both for the styles and ethics. How did the brand start? 

 The concept for Kent Woman came about during my MA Thesis at London College of Fashion 10 years ago. Sustainability in fashion was rising up and I was particularly interested in how the underwear/sleepwear category could respond. When I moved to LA five years ago, discovered the incredible manufacturing industry here and wanted to bring the concept to life. Kent Woman was really founded at the intersection of three key tensions – 1) the overuse of synthetic fabrics and materials found in intimate apparel and body-wear that’s harmful to our bodies and the planet (think synthetics, spandex, elastane), 2) a hyper-sexualized image of women in this category and 3) a homogenous style (at the time) of what intimates looked like (sequins, lace, push-ups) that was not my or my friends’ personal styles.

I’ve always had a background in sustainable business, working with brands across footwear and apparel, wine, spirits, architecture, consumer goods, and beyond. And love bringing to the world products (underwear and lounge/sleepwear) that we all wear day in and day out. It’s something everyone can relate to.

We started Kent Woman focusing on organic silks and are one of the only brands in the world using this material. We love it for so many reasons, organic silk is naturally cooling, breathable and temperature regulating, as well as Hypo-allergenic and naturally kind to sensitive skin.

We love that you have a strong ‘female first’ ethos, how is this reflected in the brand and company?

 Since we launched, and even before, I’ve talked to hundreds of women around the world about their underwear and what they sleep in, lounge in and hang out at home in. I’m so intrigued to learn that there’s lots of opportunity in this space to make healthy, simply beautiful pieces that are good for women’s bodies and the planet – that women want! We pride ourselves about being more about strength, style and sustainability over sex (which has traditionally been an emphasis for intimate apparel brands).

Kent Woman Meet The Maker

We have the Kent Woman silk nightwear range at Content – why sleep in silk and why did you choose organic?

At Kent Woman, we are committed to using certified organic and fair-trade materials, as well as a fair and transparent supply chain. Our nightwear range features all styles in 100% GOTS certified organic silk. 

Organic Silk: Kent Woman’s Beautiful Benefits

– Organic silk is naturally cooling: breathable and temperature regulating
– Hypo-allergenic: naturally kind to sensitive skin, offering anti-inflammatory benefits
– Anti-ageing: contains 18 amino acids and natural proteins to keep skin strong
– Kent Woman’s collection is crafted from organic silk and coloured with low impact, organic dyes.
– Biodynamic: Free of pesticides, toxins and chemicals to protect the environment.

Are Kent Woman products easy to care for?

They are! We recommend hand washing pieces in lukewarm water with a mild organic soap. Hang dry overnight and light steam or low heat iron to smooth out, or wear for a bit and body heat will naturally smooth out wrinkles.

Do you have a favourite wind-down ritual to help you get to sleep? 

I love to take a hot shower in the low light of my favourite Rose scented candle. Hang around at home in a Kent Woman Zam Silk Robe, read a book and set an intention for the next day. I try to get as cosy and warm as possible.

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