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Not so long ago we were graced with a visit by MV Organic Skincare founder Sharon McGlinchey who enlightened us on the best ways to make the most out of the MV Organic Skincare range. From tips and tricks to dealing with sensitive skin – we made sure to find out all the insider info…

The Water Issue – An interesting tip – avoid using lots of water. Sharon suggests performing your cleansing routine before you shower rather than in the shower. This minimises your exposure to gushing water which can irritate hyper-sensitive skin. Additionally, she advises to never wet your face before embarking on your cleansing regime. Instead, smooth 2-3 pumps of the Gentle Cream Cleanser over the face and neck before wetting fingertips and working over the skin in circular movements, followed by steaming and removal with a muslin cloth.

Get Steamy – Suffer from broken capillaries? Sharon advises to always ensure adequate time is spent on the repeated warm compressing part of the MV Skincare routine. This encourages circulation and waste excretion which can gently flush some capillaries over a period of time, ultimately minimising their appearance. Sharon says the big mistake people make is splashing with cold water after warming the skin. This literally ‘shocks’ the skin and can lead to even more broken capillaries.

For sensitive skin, be sure to use the specially designed Muslin Cleansing Cloth which gently steams whilst softening and lightly exfoliating the skin. This non-irritating ultra-soft cleansing towel is also fast drying making it the perfect companion for frequent travelers.

For best results, Sharon advises holding your muslin cloth in place for the ‘magic count of 5’, performing 3 sets in a row to experience the most efficient deep cleanse and broken capillary eradicator. And remember – no splashing with cold water!

Back to Basics – For very sensitive skin, Sharon suggests a skincare regime consisting of the base products in the range; Gentle Cream Cleanser, Rose Hydrating Mist, Pure Jojoba and the Rose Soothing and Protective Moisturiser. Using these products only, for a period of time helps calm the skin and strengthen it ready for boosters. The Signature Mask is also part of the base range but see the tips below for use.

Add an Oil – Sharon’s range of three skin boosters have been designed for different skin types and actions. She recommends using Instant Revival to give skin a new lease on life: Instant Revival is perfect for those who are sleep deprived, overworked or stressed which can lead to dull, lifeless skin.”

For those with hormonal skin due to PCOS or pregnancy, Sharon advises regular use of the Rose Plus Booster due to the potent medicinal properties it contains. The high concentration of Rose Otto makes for a host of holistic health benefits that make it suitable for a range of individuals: “The Rose Otto within this booster is known for its heart chakra balancing properties, so as well as assisting in balancing out the skin, it is also beneficial for those suffering from depression or grief.”

For those with particularly sensitive skin who are looking for an extra boost, try out the Daily Soother Booster, a gentle salve that Sharon defines as the ultimate ‘skin saviour’, perfect for those with dry, itchy or flaky skin.

Mix Up a Mask – Sharon enlightened us on the cumulative health benefits of using sun-dried clay – with a plethora of active minerals, these clays have traditionally been used internally as well as externally for their healing and heavy metal binding properties. When incorporating a mask into your routine, Sharon advises to begin with the Signature Mask which has been designed to gently strengthen the skin before moving onto the Purifying & Balancing Mineral Maskwhich is higher in strength and designed to assist in stubborn skin conditions such as acne and excessive oiliness.

An added benefit that we love, is that the Signature Mask can additionally be used as a natural, light deodorant for those with particularly sensitive underarm skin. Just massage a small amount onto the skin.

Seasonal Skincare – Whilst Sharon muses that her range has been specially designed to ‘send your skin on a holiday’ all year round, with Summer here we asked her what she’d choose as her top product to pack on holiday: “If you take one thing on holiday with you, make it the Daily Soother Booster – perfect for supporting skin exposed to air travel, sailing, surfing and after sun exposure.”

As it’s also wedding season, for brides-to-be Sharon suggests incorporating her Signature Mask into your weekly skincare routine to soften the skin, help heal blemishes and even out the complexion before your special day:

“Begin using my Signature Mask two months before your wedding, 3 times per week for 2 weeks to experience the wow factor and then once a week as part of a maintenance programme.”