Meet the Maker: Lina Hanson

Posted in Content Beauty

You just launched the Global Collection. What can you tell us about this new launch?

We have done an entire new rebranding and packaging of our line. We also have three new products that we are very excited about!

I spent several months in South East Asia a few months ago, learning about their beauty traditions and their most celebrated ingredients. I incorporated many of the ingredients in my new formulations, and I’m really excited to share the new products with everyone.

Your concept is centred around Global Beauty. Why is Global Beauty so important to you?

Global Beauty was the vision from the very start. I feel that there has been a stereotypical idea of what beauty is for a long time, and for us it’s about challenging that notion.  We wanted our brand to represent a more all-inclusive approach to beauty and encouraging women to embrace the skin they’re in.

Can you tell us about your new products and what makes them unique?

Global Face Trio is a 3 in 1 treatment powder that works as a cleanser, exfoliator and mask. One of the key ingredients is Thanaka, which has been used by the Burmese women for centuries for clear, beautiful skin.  This treatment activates with water, and is customisable depending on your skins needs.  It’s gentle enough for everyday use, it tightens pores and clarifies and brightens the skin. As a mask, it can be mixed with water, yogurt, or raw honey.

Global Treasures is a eye/neck + treatment balm is a gorgeous blend of the most cherished treasures like 24 K Gold, Pearl and Matcha Green Tea from around the world. It’s packed with antioxidants that soften wrinkles, and restore elasticity. It also brightens and nourishes dull and uneven skin tone.

Global Baby / Sensitive Serum is our new updated formula of the baby serum. It still works wonders for babies skin, but now it’s even more suitable for all sensitive skin, young and old.  It has a slight fresh cucumber scent to it, due to the unrefined organic cucumber seed oil. It’s a delicious and soothing serum for all delicate skin.

Your products are formulated to be multi-purpose. Can you tell us more about that?

Traveling a lot and always being on the go, have made me appreciate beauty products with multi-functions, so I formulated my products to be versatile.  I’m a firm believer in less is more, and this collection is simplifying your beauty regimen while saving space on your counter, in your luggage and in your mind. It’s multi-purpose luxury at its finest.

What is it about the beauty industry—make-up, skincare, etc.—that keeps you motivated and excited to work in it?

I love helping women feel better about the way they look, healing their skin, helping them choose a more cleaner approach to beauty and encouraging them to embrace their own skin.

I’m excited for the future of the beauty industry. I’ve realised that it’s become my mission to constantly challenge and grow it by creating skincare that I can stand behind and that I know can benefit a lot of people, while promoting the celebration of Global Beauty.