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Passionate about providing women with the tools to prove that natural beauty products are just as effective as their conventional counterparts, Tata Harper‘s luxurious products are natural, organic and completely free of synthetic ingredients. In line with all things aroma, we caught up with Tata to talk flowers, fragrance and formulas. Find out the best Tata Harper aromatherapy products. Read on for our exclusive interview with one of natural beauty’s most respected pioneers.

Was there a particular catalyst that ignited your passion for natural fragrance?
My love for natural fragrance really comes from my love of aromatherapy, which I feel is such a powerful way to affect and improve everything from emotional to physical health. When I discovered essential oils and aromatherapy as a form of treatment, I wanted immediately to incorporate it into my own life and my products. I worked with a lot of aromatherapists when creating the line so that natural aromatherapy plays a big part. It’s one of the wonderful ways our line is unique – the natural floral scents of each Tata Harper aromatherapy product really contribute to emotional wellbeing and balance everyday.

Where do you look for inspiration when creating a new fragrance. Do you start with scent or therapeutic action first?
I make aromatherapy treatments as opposed to fragrance, which is a big difference. We begin with the therapeutic action and identifying what we want it to do. Then from there, we begin the essential oil search to create the perfect and most effective blend.

Tata Harper Aromatherapy Treatments

What scents do you find have the biggest impact on your mood and state of being? 
I find that frankincense and rose otto essential oils both have a wonderful calming effect for me. They’re usually part of my at-home essential oil diffuser blends. I also love geranium because I just love the scent itself, but also its anxiety-reducing benefits.

From your own experiences with aromatherapy, what are some particular ailments that you believe scent can assist in improving?
My own experience has mainly involved using aromatherapy to alleviate the stresses and pressures of modern life, to bring peace and inner balance back into every day. So, for me, I’ve found them to be really helpful in reducing anxiety, nervousness, feelings of tension or negativity and restlessness. My aromatherapy Love Potion is all about boosting confidence and promoting a sense of inner beauty.

Scent is often linked to memory – let us in on a memory of yours that you have found scent to trigger?
Lavender reminds me of my grandmother; it was her favourite scent, and she used to sprinkle lavender on our pillows before bed to help us sleep. That scent is a powerful one for me and brings back happy memories.

What is your all time favourite natural scent?
Grapefruit. It’s so fresh and energising; I never tire of it.

Do you have a favourite unexpected way or recipe to use fragrance?
I use essential oils and the Tata Harper aromatherapy treatments so many ways! I love using it in the bath, making scented moisturising oils for the body, making unique blends to use in aromatherapy diffusers in my home, natural air fresheners. Plus, I love using the Bedtime Treatment with my children as a little ritual before we go to sleep to help them calm down. I don’t really have a favourite— I use them all the time!

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