BEAUTY INTERVIEW: the creator of cult beauty favourite MV Organics, Sharon McGlinchey

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MV Organics has a cult following around the world. With celebrity fans such as Maggie Gyllenhaal, Sam Sparro and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley this brand is definately one to look out for.We talk to the owner Sharon McGlinchey to find out what makes MV Organics so special.

How did the creation of MV Organic Skincare come about?

By accident really – I was helping a client who had developed quite a severe sensitivity to petrochemicals. I looked everywhere for a petrochemical-free product for her but in the end I went to a weekend workshop and learnt how to make natural skincare from scratch. This cream was so successful I ended up spending all my spare time in the kitchen making what is now one of the most popular products in the range – the Rose Soothing & Protective Moisturiser.

What is your philosophy on skincare, and how does the MV Organic Skincare range reflect this?

My philosophy is a) keep it simple but memorable and b) support and respect the skin with ingredients you truly believe have health benefits.

I believe MV reflects my philosophy because the range is small with a simple but beautiful ritual-like routine and every single ingredient I use goes past my nose before it’s then passed on to my manufacturer. Quality control in absolutely essential for the continuing success of my brand.

Why is it important to use organic ingredients?

Many reasons but the three main reasons are:

1. to achieve excellent results – which I do because unlike most commercial skincare the majority of the organic ingredients have not been subjected to very high temperatures. Organics are costly so I want to maintain all the nutrients and the valuable life force of the ingredients I use.

2. to decrease the amount of unnecessary toxic chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basic – with cancer on the rise this has to be addressed.

3. to support the growth of organic farming globally – creating a safer and more ecologically sound environment.

What is different about the way in which MV products are manufactured and how does this affect the quality of the final product?

I mentioned earlier that the majority of the organic ingredients are not subjected to the usual high temperatures required for emulsification to take place – so when you apply MV it almost feels like a living product. Also MV is highly concentrated with a much lower water content than regular skincare. Keeping the water content lower and not being tempted to do what many organic brands are encouraged to do to achieve organic certification more easily – dilute with aloe vera gel. I believe this is one of the keys to MV’s success and this is why I believe I have such a strong dedicated following. Once you’ve experienced the quality and efficacy of my products it’s hard to go back to lighter formulations.

You have had a great reaction from people with hypersensitivity’s using the MV Organic Skincare, is it suitable for other skin types?

MV is suitably for absolutely everyone – it’s just that I started out treating people with sensitivity so that’s still a very strong association for people, particularly as magazines often feature MV when writing about rosacea, eczema or sensitive skin.

The MV Daily Routine outlines the correct way in which to use the
products. Why is it important that this is followed?

MV is applied slightly differently to most skincare so to get the most from the products you really need to follow this routine and be mindful of the quantities used too. One of the biggest mistakes made with MV is using too much product. Being concentrated you only need a small amount and with moisturising it’s very important to spritz the skin first with the rose hydrating mist. You then use less moisturiser (or skin booster) and don’t overburden the skin. What you do use penetrates more deeply and then gives longer lasting hydration. You also take all those life force rich organic goodies a little deeper into the skin which encourages a more healthy environment in the underlying skin tissue. Like eating organic food, it makes your skin happier and healthier.

MV has such a dedicated following, from Beauty Editors and Make-up Artists to Actors and Supermodels. What is it that makes MV that has everyone hooked?

The beautiful aromas, the beautiful ritual and the great results. These people you’ve mentioned have careers that usually involve them trying just about everything on the market so when they discover MV it’s a little bit like “Ah yes, my search is over”! Well, that’s what many of them have told me.

What would you say are the most crucial components, lifestyle or other, to healthy skin?

Lifestyle and diet are HUGE. If you’re stressed all the time your skin will suffer and if you eat badly eventually this will catch up with you too. Genetics does play a big part though so I do explain to my clients who have a skin condition running in the family that they shouldn’t beat themselves up if they don’t have flawless skin.  Sometimes we have pretty high expectations about what can be achieved though because there are so many things on offer now from laser and light therapy to chemical peels. It’s the people who try ‘everything’ that end up on my therapy bed – all red raw and disappointed. Back to my  philosophy about keeping it simple –  “less is more”.

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“It feels so good to put something so thoughtful and natural on your skin, MV Organics products smell unbelievable.” Maggie Gyllenhaal, Actor

“I feel like I’ve discovered a secret. Well done for creating such a brilliant product. The difference in my skin in less than a week is amazing! I’m a believer.” Sam Sparro, Singer/Song Writer

“I love MV so much I order from Australia to anywhere in the world I may be whenever I’m in need of my MV fix!” Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Supermodel

View the MV range here. MV Facials available by request in London at CONTENt +44 20 3075 1006