Meet the Makers: Supernatural Beauty

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Say hello to Supernatural Beauty – the latest Great British Beauty range to land at Content! We spoke to founders Tyron and Jenny about their family-run natural beauty business and how the products came to fruition. Passionate about creating effective, luxury, organics with truth and transparency at the core of their philosophy, it’s one brand we could instantly get behind.


  • What inspired you to create your natural and organic skincare range?  

It started with a need. My son developed eczema around 18 months old and I was diagnosed with hypothyrodism causing my skin to prematurely age – badly.  As I researched the cause of both our symptoms I knew I needed to ditch the toxins and start fresh with our skincare using only natural and organic ingredients. When we saw quick and drastic results my passionate journey into organic skincare was born.

  • Why name it Supernatural? 

I wanted the name to reflect the power of organic ingredients. Raw active ingredients is where you’ll find real improvement for your skin.  With food, the more processed it is the less nutritious it is for you body. We take this same approach with our ingredients for our skincare. Organic, raw and natural ingredients have higher amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  With our own research and development we saw such drastic results from our formulas we felt they were miraculous and so the name Supernatural Beauty was born.

  • Many of your products are targeted at eczema sufferers, which ingredients within the range are beneficial for sensitive skin? 

I could talk all day about ingredients!  But for sensitive skin I chose Evening Primrose Oil to combat inflammation, Rosehip oil to reduce redness, Neem, Calendula oil and Calendula co2 extract for high impact regeneration with naturally occurring steroids to soothe and soften.

  • Which is your must-have product and tips on how we can use it?

I always have Miracle Balm on hand.  It’s in my handbag and next to my bed.  It was our first formula that took over three years to develop and is the cure-all balm that rid my son of his eczema and my premature wrinkles. As it’s 100% organic I use it on all my kids from scrapes and bumps, chapped lips and around their noses in winter.  I use it on my lips, and as a night time eye treatment to wake up to smooth, bright eyes.  Every so often I take the time to massage it all over my face at night and wake up to the most amazing soft, glowing skin.

  • Which of your products work best together?
I get asked this question a lot from first time customers looking for a natural skincare regimen.  The Genesis Cleanser and Salvation Face Oil work great together as they’re both formulated for dry, sensitive and mature skin (and when I say “mature skin” I mean wrinkly skin). The Genesis Cleanser is incredibly soft and gentle with a deep cleansing action and the Salvation Face Oil is enriched with 17 oils to diminish wrinkles and improve collagen levels. The Glorious Cleansing Balm contains ingredients that dissolve make up and even waterproof mascara, but has a gentle exfoliation, best suited to normal/combination and oily skin types. This pairs perfectly with Redemption Face Oil that prevents wrinkle formation and gives a smooth glowing finish to your skin. You can, of course, mix and match any of the products based on a current needs, but this is a great starting point.