Meet Make-up Artist & Owner of RMS Beauty, Rose-Marie Swift

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Arriving in the UK at CONTENT in 2009, the RMS Beauty range ticks every requirement we have on our green make-up wish list. Launched by make-up artist Rose-Marie Swift in the US during winter 2008, RMS Beauty is the result of over 20 years experience applying make-up to some of the world’s most beautiful faces.

Not only does this range use the finest mineral colours (check out our favourite, the magnetic eye shadow) but the base ingredients are 100% organic and raw, which qualifies this range for our ‘years ahead of the rest’ prize for 2009. We caught up with Rose-Marie to get the low down on what makes this range so special.

What led you to make the switch from applying make-up to creating the products themselves?

I launched in 2004. This website was designed with the sole purpose of educating women about some of the toxic ingredients used to make the beauty products we apply daily to our skin, and some of the health complications that can result from many years of using these products.

I was overwhelmed by the response from my readers, all wanting to know which brands I’d recommend to help them achieve the look they wanted without ugly and potentially dangerous health consequences. The sad truth was that I didn’t feel comfortable making any recommendations. I soon realised we needed a beauty product that women could trust and feel safe with, a product that would preserve the integrity of the skin and make them look fabulous – not just now but for years to come. After a few years of continued research, I have been able to formulate the ultimate colour cosmetic for the health and fashion conscious woman.

What is the key difference between your range and other cosmetic ranges?

The RMS Beauty range is not only created with all certified organic ingredients in their raw and
natural (living) state but feeds your skin with the vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients that other products lack.  All colours are from my years of experience as a make-up artist and all shades and colours look amazing on every skin tone so it’s the most user friendly line available!

Your products have oils as the base ingredients, yet they don’t look oily on the skin, how is this possible?

I only chose to include the healthiest possible ingredients that from years of research proved to
work synergistically with the skin.  For example, the organic jojoba oil was used  in the ‘Un’Cover-Ups because it is the closest to skin’s natural sebum and nourishes and protects the skin best.  This also helps provide an easy, flawless finish that keeps the skin not only looking youthful, but maintains your healthy, natural beauty.

RM_swift_044 2

Rather than focusing on constantly trying to look younger, we like the idea that woman should aim to look healthier. Any tips for achieving a healthy glow?

Finally the winter months are behind us, and spring is in full bloom! What better time than the
changing of the seasons to introduce some changes, starting with the healthiest way to get your glow on!

My Living Luminizer was created for a healthy, sheer glowing finish that all of us love to see on our skin. Think about that glow your skin has after a refreshing visit for your favourite facial. This ultimate illuminator does just that in seconds, and best of all, it enhances your natural youthfulness without being sticky, greasy or glittery. Most products on the market today leave skin flat, matted and dull. The sheer glowing flawless finish of my ‘Un’Cover-Up (concealer) combined with the Living Luminizer will make you ditch your old make-up quicker than you can say ‘spring fever.’

Apply sparingly with fingers. Blend over the cheek bones, down the bridge of the nose and at the bow of the lips. Great as a lip gloss on its own, or in combination with the Lip2Cheek and Cream Eye Shadows for a more sensual shimmery mouth. Mix sparingly with Uncover Up for a radiant sheen. Try it on your shoulder blades for a sexy evening look – in fact, anywhere you want gorgeous, glowing skin. My favourite for adding a glimmer to the eye when applied very lightly only over eye lid.

I also encourage everyone to take a look at what they eat as I believe that is a direct reflection on the skin. I try to eat at least 75% of my meals raw, and I have heard amazing testimonials from women over the years who have changed their diet to include more raw foods. Their skin looks amazing from making the change!

Upgrading our make-up kit for greener alternatives is quite a daunting task to do all at once. If some of us have to do it one product at a time, in your opinion which product should be the first to go?

Everyday women write to me and tell me that after trying my line they have made a conscious decision to only use healthy products.  Fortunately my line is 100% cream based so with 2 or 3 products from each category you are able to blend your own customised palette for a large variety of colours each time you apply your make-up.  The products are all very universal; for example, the Lip & Skin Balm is amazing on the lips but can be used to heal a blemish, moisturises fine lines around the delicate eye area and so much more. If I had to choose one, I’d start with the Luminizer as it is the most unique product in the line.

What are the key trends for spring make-up?

I love the 50’s pop colours that are now very youthful and modern. A sheer veil of colour on the
eyes to make your skin look luminous and glowing (such as Lunar) with a bright cheek or a pouty mouth!