MAKE UP MUSINGS: Kjaer Weis Visits Content For Tips and New Launches

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kwLast week Kjaer Weis popped into Content to talk about her range of natural and organic make-up and give us some clever tips and updates – of course we couldn’t wait to share them with you!

About the brand

The Kjaer Weis philosophy is dedicated to providing its users with an unsurpassed quality. Weis herself filled us in on the three most important factors she had in mind when creating the brand. These include:

To use the best  organic ingredients, provide great performing products and create gorgeous packaging to rival department store brands.

In our eyes, she has definitely achieved all three, from the super smooth consistency of all of her products, to the sleek metal packaging.

The Products

The products are manufactured in Italy, which is also where they are certified organic. The manufacturers have worked with natural and organic brands for over 30 years so they understand the importance of sourcing the purest ingredients and creating workable formulas.

Weis shared with us that every one of her products is the ‘closest you will get to having a hand-made make-up piece’ (what could be more luxurious than having your own hand-made makeup!)

Just as no two good bottles of wine are the same, organic ingredients in cosmetics are also subject to differing harvests and global changes, so although the formulas and processing remains the same each batch may fractionally differ.

The organic mascara is gluten-free and only has a 3 month life after opening to ensure it retains its optimum performance. After the three month mark, you should replace it with the clever refillable system which allows you to stop by for a top upwhen in need, whilst reusing the same attractive outer packaging, making it sustainable.

Expert Kjaer Weis Tips

We asked Weis what her favourite make-up combinations are within her products and she gave us some great tips on how to work with the palette of colours available.

One of her favourite eye shadow colours is Wisdom: “It’s the perfect blend of brown, grey and purple which enhances blue, green and brown eyes’. She added that Earthy Calm is the best brown and works amazingly on top of Wisdom for a natural daytime look.

She describes Cloud Nine as a perfect base for any eye and revealed how it can double as a primer for the lid. For a darker skin tone she opts for Charmed as a base.

For smoky eyes, Weis suggests Divine or Onyx which make for the best shades. One of our all-time favourite tips for Weis is to use the shadow in Blue Wonder to finish a smoky eye by softly blending at the outer corners for a new twist on dark eyes.

Magnetic – a gorgeous brown with a hint of gold, was made to work perfectly with the organic lip tint Sweetness and blush Joyful to create a wonderful glowing look.

For lips, our favourite top tip from Weis is to prep the lips with organic foundation to create a blank canvas to start from, then get creative with your colour of choice.

Stay tuned for new foundation shades and the launch of a new must-have highlighter just in time for Summer!